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    Key found at crime scene, listed in new FBI evidence docs

    Advance apologies if this has been discussed, as my search terms may have been too vague...

    The KEY that was itemized on one of the evidence lists from the crime scene (dated 12/12.08 or thereabouts) really jumped out at me!!!

    Didn't Lee and AH discuss a key, with Lee reassuring AH not to worry that he had gotten rid of the key - or something similar??? I've always wondered what was so important about that key that needed to be discarded, instead of returned to AH...

    Hmmm... anyone else catch this? Could this be the key? And if so, to what? AH's wrecked car???
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    There's a discussion about this key here:


    And there's another discussion about the key LA "threw away" (Amy's) here:


    Hope this helps.

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