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    SC - Chase McCowie, 19 mos, dies at day care, Fort Mill, 23 March 2010

    Death of toddler leads to arrest of babysitter
    Posted: Apr 28, 2010 9:41 PM
    Updated: Apr 28, 2010 9:49 PM

    FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - The investigation into the death of a 19-month-old toddler has lead to the arrest of his babysitter.

    The York County Coroner's office has released its findings, listing Chase McCowie's official cause of death as Asphyxiation due to Strangulation.

    Investigators in Fort Mill were called in to investigate after Chase died on March 23rd.

    At the time, he was in the care of Christina Capobianco, 35, who ran a daycare out of her home.

    The investigation found Chase slid down in the car seat as he was sleeping and was caught in the area where the straps meet, choking to death.

    Capobianco has not been charged in his death, and investigators say they don't believe she will be. Instead she was cited for Operating an Unlicensed Day Care and turned herself into the sheriff's office.

    Warrants say she regularly provided care to other people's children for payment without a license from the Department of Social Services. That is illegal . If convicted the charge carries a fine up to $1,500 or up to six months in jail.

    Authorities say there were six children in her Fort Mill home on the day Chase died, three of the children were Capobianco's own.

    Investigators explain Capobianco is not charged in Chase's death because they did not determine negligence, calling it an unfortunate accident. They say she has been cooperative in the investigation.

    Chase's mother says this was not the outcome they wanted, nor expected. The family's attorney says they want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

    "You can't change what has happened to this family," says attorney Tommy Pope "But our biggest goal is to guide them through the system, so that it doesn't make it any worse."

    The family says Capobianco left Chase in a room by himself and she was on a different floor of the house when he died. Lieutenant Mike Baker says investigators believe the child was left alone for about 30 minutes.
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    Okay, how does an almost 2-yr. old "accidently" choke himself on the straps of a car seat, in a 30-min. time frame??? I am sitting here trying to visualize, and NOTHING is remotely coming to me in the form of an "accident."

    Fly with the angels Chase...
    Proud WS N-LIB

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    She should be charged with at the very least Manslaughter! She left a 19 month old alone for 30 minutes in a car seat in the house.She had no business leaving a toddler alone like that.If she would have put him in a crib or playpen he wouldn't be dead.When mine were little I was afraid to go to the bathroom for a minute.This was no accident, if she has 3 of her own she knew better.I know if that baby was mine, no way in hello would I tolerate this injustice.She had 3 of her own she knew better.I think we all should send letters to the DA.

    The family says Capobianco left Chase in a room by himself and she was on a different floor of the house when he died. Lieutenant Mike Baker says investigators believe the child was left alone for about 30 minutes.

    Investigators say this does not prove negligence.

    Those Investigators need retraining or maybe they need new investigators.I feel for the people who live in this area,esp the parents of Chase.I just do not understand how this could be considered an accident and not negligence.
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    I'd like more details, such as did the family know it was her practice to leave the child in a carseat for a nap and did they know she had five other kids there etc.

    Obviously they knew (or should've known) she was unlicensed.

    HOWEVER, like PMLsmom, I'm having difficulty imagining how this could've happened the way it's been reported. Wouldn't a child just push themselves up & away from the restraint? Or did he panic and get twisted and fall over or something? How awful. RIP Chase. )-;

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    Here's a new article: http://www.heraldonline.com/2010/04/...r-charged.html

    The babysitter was arrested and charged for unlicensed daycare. Charges do not stem from the baby's death.

    Poor little Chase - prayers to his family.


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    From August 2014:


    SLED did not find evidence for any felony charges against Capobianco. She was instead charged with a misdemeanor of cruelty to children. Capobianco pled guilty in court on Monday.

    Judge Lee Alford sentenced her to 3 years of probation for the charges, under a negotiated sentence.

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