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    Henry Lee Lucas closed cases

    not sure if this is the right place for this thread but does anyone know how I would find the list of cases that were actually closed because of Henry Lee Lucas? I think there were like 213 cases police closed based on his confessions. I'm doing research for a book I am writing and I believe Henry Lee Lucas may have been blamed for a murder comitted by someone else,I'm looking a young caucasian female victims between 1980-1983 in Houston, TX

    oh and in an unrelated question does anyone know if court transcripts are public record? Can I buy them from the county clerk or are they even available?
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    I can't answer your questions, but wanted to comment that he confessed then recanted to several murders around the area of Lubbock where I live. One girl's parents spent a lot of money and time proving that he did not kill these women, but I never even see them listed as cold cases in the news or hear one word. Hope you are able to find something, because there's probably quite a few murderers walking around free after Lucas's confessions.

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