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    Butt Crack Covers, just in time for Mother's Day!

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    OMG Too funny.

    Nobody should show their buttocks crack.
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    Great - I was looking for some fake tramp stamps.

    (And that sentence would be really funny if you knew me IRL.)

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    LOL- wish I had've seen this one earlier. I could have let the woman I saw on the bus the other day know about them. That was the most amount of butt -crack I've ever seen on display in public, and it wasn't pretty. My eyes! my eyes!

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    Cool... now you have a way to discreetly acknowledge that you aren't wearing nearly enough clothing and you know it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donjeta View Post
    Cool... now you have a way to discreetly acknowledge that you aren't wearing nearly enough clothing and you know it.

    LOL! Post of the day! I think some of these are needed for men too.... a belt holding pants up below the behind just doesn't cut it.

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    A crack patch to cover your buttocks cleft. And here I thought that was what underwear was for!

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    Bless you Linda, that was funny, thank you, I needed a really good laugh and am currently spreading the wealth around the office.
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    ROFL....A patch for (butt) CRACK!!!!!!! DON'T DO CRACK....... Does this work as well as the nicotine and hormone patches? OMG......I think I need a forehaead patch for my headache.......help.....anyone, anyone........
    I'm just sayin.....

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