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    FL - Shatoya Nelson charged in death of newborn, Tamarac, 22 July 2004

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    Blue Before I even opened this thread I looked at the title and thought to myself.. "I bet its Florida" and sure enough...........

    Even worse I knew employee's of childnet.. In broward county..

    Florida's Child services rank among the worst in the country.
    Every 4 years or so some horrific case makes the papers and they do a "REHALL" .... Its a joke.. they re-name, replace a few employees and say "look its new and improved"

    And this of course doesn't even mention the hundreds of tragedy's that the media does not hear about..
    The problem with DCF is twofold...
    One: they are understaffed and renameing the agency and replaceing key employees does not address that
    Two: the goal is always above and beyond to reunite child with family
    I so completly disagree with that.
    Because all to often we hear of these cases where DCF or family court re-unites them and a time later the child is injured or killed.

    It should be noted that if LE comes to your house and finds you have grossly neglected you pets they remove them.... You do not get them back..
    But injure a child and not to worry you'll get a few chances to inflict more abuse and psychological damage.
    What is wrong with this picture???

    Personally you severely injure or neglect a child I could care less about your rights .... IMO after that you should have none.. It should truly be about the child's best interest...
    It is a misconceived notion that children are always better off with their parents. Based on some long gone idea that all parents care for and love their children...
    But of course children have no rights and they don't vote.. So the adults get to make the rules that serve their own best interest.

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    amraann...i too knew right away this would be south florida.and agree with all you say.

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    She was working at a day care center??????

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    Let us remember Rilya Wilson, who has been missing for too many years now. The overworked Florida caseworkers actually LOST her in the system. "Someone" came to the house where she was living with a maybe-godmother and took her. The caretaker said she thought the "someone" was from DCF and let Rilya go with that person. Of course, the caretaker kept on receiving checks for Rilya, but never thought to ask DCF why she had never been brought back. The biological mother was from here in OH, so we saw a bit about it in the newspapers. Even O'Reilly ranted about this case. Rilya is still missing, God help her.

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    From March 2006:


    She could have been headed to prison for five years. Instead, a woman accused of drowning her newborn daughter in a toilet was expected to go home Thursday night after a Broward judge sentenced her to five years probation.

    Shatoya Nelson, 23, reached a plea deal with prosecutors after spending nearly two years in jail, facing a first-degree murder charge that carried up to a life sentence.

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