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    MI - Patricia Babcock, 24, shot to death, Flint, 1 Aug 2009

    Boy Accused Of Murder Found Guilty

    Boy, 13, Convicted Of Shooting Flint Woman
    POSTED: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
    UPDATED: 3:06 pm EDT May 3, 2010

    DETROIT -- A jury delivered a guilty verdict Monday in the second murder trial involving a 13-year-old Detroit boy accused of fatally shooting a Flint woman last summer.

    Demarco Harris was 12 years old when he was arrested for shooting 24-year-old Patricia Babcock during an armed robbery Aug. 1, 2009.

    His first trial ended in a mistrial by way of a hung jury in January.

    The jury in the new trial began deliberating last Monday.

    Testimony heard by witnesses and police during Harris’ first trial revealed that Babcock was inside a parked car on West Outer Driver and Minock Street with a man when Harris is accused of sticking a gun through the driver’s side window and shooting her in the chest.

    The man she was in the car with, Jon Williams, testified that he had just recently met Babcock and took off after the shooting occurred.

    Babcock was pronounced dead at Sinai-Grace Hospital.

    Harris' fingerprints were found on the driver's window, investigators testified.

    He is charged as a juvenile with felony murder, armed robbery, having a firearm during a felony and violating curfew.

    Harris is too young to be charged as an adult under Michigan law, but the prosecutor's office filed the case with an adult designation, meaning he could be sentenced as one following a conviction.

    In Michigan, cases with an adult designation are tried in juvenile court. After a conviction, the judge has a choice to sentence the juvenile as an adult or as a juvenile, or to defer the decision until the child reaches adulthood.

    He will be sentenced June 1.

    Harris has a troubled past. According to court documents, one of Harris' parents filed an incorrigibility petition against him in 2008, which means he's considered “uncontrollable."

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    Demarco Harris was released back in September on his 21st birthday.

    Man who committed murder as pre-teen to be released after 8 years in custody

    Relatives of Trisha Babcock, including her father, Steven Babcock, little brother and others, were frustrated by what they were heard in a Detroit juvenile courtroom Friday.

    A judge ordered DeMarco Harris, who was convicted of murder for killing 24-year-old Babcock of Davison during a 2009 botched robbery when he was 12, to be freed this Monday.

    Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Virgil C. Smith deemed Harris "rehabilitated."
    Although he said he was "truly apologetic" to the Babcock family during his statement Friday, Harris devoted very little of his nearly 5-minute speech to the still-grieving family. He instead spoke of his accomplishments in custody, his "exponential" growth as a person and hopes for the future.

    "I absolutely deserve a second chance in society," he said.
    Dad outraged after man who murdered woman when he was 12 is freed

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