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    Another New Search Being Planned For Susan May 2010


    I heard this on the mornings news and haven't seen it mentioned here.
    They are now planning to search areas that have not been searched before and this time saying they will welcome volunteers!!

    I so hope this goes well and something is found. She's out there somewhere.

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    Here are the details on the new search planned for June:


    Information is being released on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell FaceBook page, Discussion forum:

    Please leave a comment there if you are interested in the class and the search.

    The following comment will list more details. The search will be one of the last two weekends in June. A definite date will be set this week. Once we know how many are interested in the search training seminar we will set the dates and location, which will probably be in a park in the Salt Lake City area.

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    June search/training seminar

    SEARCH FOR SUSAN: Another large search is being planned for Susan Cox Powell in June!


    In order to include members of the public in the search, organizer Chris Willden with Strategic Tactical Group, LLC, is offering a weekend training class for volunteers without a law enforcement or military background in order to participate in the search for Susan. The cost for the class is $10 (covers drinks & munchies for the classes with anything left over going to the search fund). Upon completion of the class, a certificate will be issued, which you will need to bring to the search.

    Anyone interested in the class, please leave a comment here. The class will be held in the Salt Lake area. The specific location is dependent upon the number of people who want to attend. Once we know what kind of interested there is we can release the dates, location and sign-up instructions.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________


    Donations are requested to provide food, water and other needed supplies for the Susan Cox Powell search teams. You can contribute any amount via:

    Paypal: sales@strategictacticalgroup.com. (Please include the message that your donation is for the Susan Cox Powell search group).

    Strategic Tactical Group LLC
    689 South Main
    Bountiful, UT 84010
    (Please indicate your donation is for the Susan Cox Powell search).

    If you are interested in searching, please leave a comment on the "June Search" Discussion, on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell FaceBook page:
    Updates will be posted there.

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    In the April 10th search, The Simpson Springs area was used to set up the meeting place and command post. Search teams ventured to outlying areas, not just the Simpson Springs camp grounds. These outlying areas (extending several miles out from Simpson Springs) were searched for two reasons: 1. Police will not state what areas they did search. 2. Even in police searches, evidence can be missed until the 2nd or 3rd search.

    It was an incredible surprise to find that 2,000 volunteers were interested in searching. Shortly before the search date the Bridgerland Fire Company assumed management of the search and due to concerns by WVPD and Tooele County Sheriff's Department with having so many people and vehicles in this desolate area, it had to be reduced in size, therefore only law enforcement/military/search and rescue certified volunteers were allowed.

    The June search is being organized by Chris Willden, Strategic Tactical Groups, LLC, who was one of the organizers of the April search. Chris wishes to include volunteers and is offering the two day seminar which includes necessary training in search and evidence to qualify to be on one of the search teams. Chris is offering this for his cost at $10. per person.

    I hope this explains the unfortunate inability to utilize all volunteers on the last search, and the reasons for starting at Simpson Springs.

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    New search: Saturday, june 26, 2010

    A date has been set for the June search for Susan which will be:
    Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

    We will meet in Utah's West Desert at a specific location to be announced before the search.

    Volunteers are welcome on this search, however those without law enforcement or military experience or search and rescue certification will be required to attend a 2-day seminar to qualify for one of the search teams. This is necessary to ensure that people know how to handle certain situations that arise, such as possible evidence. This is imperative to protect the integrity of the Susan Cox Powell case. There will be a number of other topics covered in the seminar such as emergency first aid, unexploded ordinances, etc. The cost of the class for both days is only $10 which covers cost and materials.

    Those interested in the class and search can contact Chris Willden at training@strategictacticalgroup.com.

    Note: The organizer of this search, Chris Willden at Strategic Tactical Group, LLC is aware that many volunteers were understandably disappointed after April's search was suddenly closed to the public at the last minute. The June search is under different management where volunteers are welcome, but required to take the seminar. However, due to the desolate location, distance from any medical facility, and being out of cell phone range, we need to limit the group size to 75-80 persons.

    A big thanks to anyone who wishes to volunteer!

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    I feel more comfortable with this. Perhaps after several tries they are finally getting their ducks in a row? Perhaps this adds a level of confidence to LE, too?

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    Great news!

    It's not over until it's over. There's a gag order because there's a boatload of circumstantial evidence, not because there's no direct evidence, right? Mwaaaaahahahaha.

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    Great news - the snow has melted, spring is here. Susan's body "should" be pretty well preserved. This is great timing, and my heart tells me that someone is going to find this wonderful mother.



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    Examiner.com update re June 26 search (Isabelle Zehnder)

    Examiner.com articles with updates re the June 26 search:

    1st Article:

    Susan Cox Powell: June 26 ground search open to public, looking for volunteers (Slideshow)

    May 6, 2010 - For months the public has begged for someone to organize a volunteer ground search effort for Susan Cox Powell, the 28-year-old West Valley City mom and Puyallup, Washington, native who went missing in early December. A ground search is tentatively scheduled June 26, and will only go forward if a minimum of 30 people sign up to help.

    Chris Willden, Investigator and Director of Training at Strategic Tactical Group (STG), is organizing the June 26 search. He's offering the public a chance to do what theyíve said they wanted to do for months Ė go out and search for Susan... click here for article

    2nd article:

    Susan Cox Powell: Details of 2-day training for June 26 ground search (Slideshow)

    May 6, 2010 - Itís been five months since Susan Cox Powell went missing. Susan is the 28-year old West Valley City mom, and Puyallup, Washington native, who went missing in early December. Over the past five months supporters have shown a strong interest in participating in volunteer ground searches looking for clues into her disappearance, and in looking for Susan herself.

    Chris Willden, Investigator and Director of Training for Strategic Tactical Group (STG), is making it possible for those who want to physically go out and search for Susan. He is organizing and leading a ground search tentatively scheduled June 26... click here for article

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    Bumping for the search today.

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