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    GA - Dr. James 'Jim' Burns, 50, Columbus, 19 Oct 1992

    Update: Police say DNA evidence from knife, saliva sample led to suspect in school superintendent 's 1992 slaying

    Authorities arrest Kareem Lane, now of Pell City, Ala.
    Tuesday, May. 04, 2010

    Kareem Lane

    Jim Burns

    Evidence from the knife used to stab Muscogee school superintendent Jim Burns in 1992 was sent in October 2008 to a medical lab in Willow Grove, Pa., where technicians were able to draw a DNA profile later matched to the man Columbus police long suspected was Burns' killer, Police Chief Ricky Boren said in a press conference today.

    Cold-case investigators then obtained a search warrant that November to compel Kareem Lane, now of Pell City, Ala., to submit a saliva sample to be forwarded to National Medical Services of Willow Grove, Boren said. This past April 30, the lab confirmed that it had matched the crime-scene profile to Lane, the chief said.

    On Monday, investigators got a fugitive from justice warrant to detain Lane for extradition to Columbus to face the charge of murder in Burns' death. With the help of the St. Clair County, Ala., Sheriff, Lane was arrested in Pell City at 10:15 p.m. EDT Monday, Boren said.

    Today Lane waived extradition, and Columbus Police Sgt. Harvey Hatcher and Cpl. Randy long are bringing the suspect back to Columbus now, said the chief, who believes the trio should be arriving around 5 or 6 p.m.

    The widow of slain Muscogee school superintendent Jim Burns expressed relief today that cold-case investigators here say they have solved her husband's 18-year-old slaying.

    Full story at link:

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    After 22 years under suspicion of fatally stabbing then-school Superintendent Jim Burns, Kareem Lane was found not guilty of murder on Saturday afternoon.

    It took a day and a half of deliberation — nearly 13 hours — before the Muscogee County Superior Court jury returned with the verdict.

    In an emotional and tense courtroom, Burns’ widow, Stella Burns Butler, sobbed as Judge Bobby Peters read the not guilty verdicts on the malice and felony murder charges. Other members of the Burns family shook their heads and cried.

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    The Burns murder case: What we know and unanswered questions

    ...No one had thought to have the dagger handle tested for skin cells that might yield a DNA profile. So, Long got a subpoena and visited Lane to get a saliva swab.

    Two years later, police said a lab in Pennsylvania had announced it had a match -- Lane's DNA was on the knife. Lane entered the Muscogee County Jail on May 4, 2010, and stayed there until his first trial ended with a hung jury Sept. 19, 2012, when he was freed on $30,000 bond. ...

    ...Last week Jackson said his client's long incarceration was particularly galling in light of the DNA results, which turned out to be inconclusive -- a bombshell piece of expert witness testimony in the first trial.

    Lane could have contributed to the DNA found on the knife. So could another unknown individual, and so could thousands of others.

    Police didn't have a DNA match on the dagger, and they still didn't have a motive. ...

    ...Slater said police acted on the information they had. "My understanding is the police had received verbal results from the lab, and that they did what they thought was appropriate." ...

    ...Asked why she tried Lane again, Slater said the case already was cold and waiting longer would not have improved it. Those involved deserved some legal resolution.

    "It was an old case the first time we tried it. I think that we have an obligation to the victim's family, to the community, and even to Mr. Lane, to resolve it in the most efficient way we can. … I hope that this has been able to let the Burns family heal and the Lane family move on with their lives."

    Constitutional protections against double jeopardy mean Slater never again can try Lane for Burns' homicide. ...

    ...The evidence from Jim Burns' fatal stabbing will go back into storage, Slater said. Once prosecutors get that evidence from police, it doesn't go back. "Once we take it, we keep it. Whether it's a mistrial or a not guilty verdict, we keep it."

    The Burns murder case is closed.
    much more in the long article at: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2014/...rder-case.html

    So ... not really solved or resolved, but closed...? Headscratcher.

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    I agree, this one's not solved at all..

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    Moved back to Cold Cases.

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