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    Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female

    Hello WS

    Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female
    From National Geographic News
    May 5, 2010

    Until recently, most scientists assumed these prehistoric handprints were male. But "even a superficial examination of published photos suggested to me that there were lots of female hands there," Pennsylvania State University archaeologist Dean Snow said of European cave art.


    Chalk one up for HERstory! Seriously though, a minimal scan of the history books will show females to be woefully absent from the records.

    Books such as Merlin Stone's: When God Was a Woman and Elaine Morgan's: The Decent of Woman are excellent books that help fill in the story of women's evolution.

    Mrs. Morgan explores the idea that it was women that invented speech. The prevailing theory has men needing to communicate on the hunt. Modern anthropologists see little in the way of verbal communication in indigenous people's hunting practices. The men use hand signals, body language, etc. New theories suggest it was women needing to communicate with their offspring that lead to speech in human beings. That makes sense to me, who is the gender accused of talking too much? That is sexist in itself and I don't want to perpetuate a stereotype but I have no problem owning my communicative nature as a female.

    And, it makes sense to me that mothers would be talking to their children. All males and females are spoken to by their mother(s). It does seem backward that men created language and then taught it to their mothers.

    ETA: It is insane that it has been "men vs. women" in this world. Obviously it has been "Men AND Women" all along...

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    I never doubted it! Hah! Thanks.

    A lot of women wrote under men's names and excluded women from pivotal historical records because of their social standing. They knew they couldn't include those things.

    I will also say that (IMO) the amount and type of information on women in history depends a lot on the era....just like trends come and go. There's tons of information on medieval women in history, just as an example...and very little in other times.

    (Love, a female historian)
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    I will be visiting a few of the cave sites in the Dordogne region next month. Can't wait!

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    My husband would agree that women created speech. However, I believe he would be more inclined to believe that women created speech in order to torment the men around them with an endless supply of words....

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