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    Copy Machines, a Security Risk? - CBS News Video

    If you have anything at all to do with security, confidential documents, forensics or are concerned with identity theft, you should view this CBS news clip. I consider myself to be fairly technologically astute, but I was totally unaware of this issue, as are probably most people.

    The CBS news clip is from 4/19, and should be of interest to all. Tell your friends, family and clients about this issue.

    Cherry Simpson

    --- Copy Machines, a Security Risk? - CBS News Video

    *My comments are only my opinion, not fact. It is my commentary on the topic, and I'm exercising my 1st Amendment rights as a US citizen. Comments are NOT made with any malicious intent.

    I agree with what John Douglas said in his book Law and Disorder:

    "Our 1st allegiance must always be to justice. Justice is often uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean we should turn our heads away. Justice is truth in action. Whatever it means and wherever it takes us. Justice is not a political game, it is a search for truth."

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    Thanks for posting this! I actually got a link to the story in an email a week or so ago. It's an eyeopener to say the least. It made me think about just my own department's copier and all the things we use it for...professional and personal. It would be a treasure trove of info if someone were to buy it used.


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    I worked for Konica Minolta for years (leaving the co. in 2001). "Smart" copiers came out in the late 90s.
    Im suprised this is the first Ive seen of it in the media. Digital copiers also link up tp PCs and other "gadgets" ... which can be tapped into.

    These days everything is "stored".

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