***Warning-Graphic Video***


"NEW BEDFORD — A Worcester attorney is offering his services for free to appeal a judge's order that overturned the animal cruelty conviction of an Acushnet man who ran over a duck in the Dartmouth Mall parking lot last summer."

Joshua Linhares was convicted of animal cruelty in a case where a mother Mallard duck and her ducklings were crossing the parking lot at a local mall. In spite of numerous people attempting to get his attention and screaming at him to stop, Linhares was accused of gunning his vehicle and deliberately running over the mother duck, killing her. And smiling while he did it.

The conviction was vacated by a judge who believed that the surveillance video did not support the assertions of three witnesses. The DA reluctantly declined to re-try the case citing budget constraints.

Atty Kasakoff, who has extensive appellate appearance, has offered to work the case pro bono and the Bristol County DA is delighted.