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    TX - Cleburne, 'Angel Baby Doe' Newborn Fem, Winnie the Pooh jacket, Dec'01

    Possible Break in Angel Baby Doe Case.

    FORT WORTH, Texas - There may a huge break coming in the case of an abandoned newborn found dead on the side of a road on a cold morning nine years ago.

    Video at link


    Maybe the 20 y/o man is her brother ?

    Mods...please correct this if need be. I have never started a thread on this board. Thanks
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    Sheriff hopes lead will be a breakthrough in Angel Baby Doe case

    Sheriff Bob Alford said Tuesday that a Fort Worth resident believed related to the baby has offered to provide a DNA sample for comparison to the genetic code of Angel Baby Doe, so named by law enforcement personnel.

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    Retired officers in Johnson County search for clues from the past


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    Those retired officers are doing a wonderful thing! I hope it pays off.

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