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    Theory: EJ was using Casey Anthony's Nanny defense strategy

    Quote Originally Posted by Litlred View Post
    I keep looking at the Nanny ad EJ posted on SoldPhoenix.com. It is gone now so I can not link to it, (just the google search) but there was so much detail in that ad about EJ be single mom with a 7 month old baby that I'm wondering if whoever looked at that ad or answered that ad may have been the hookup in SA.

    "live in nanny wanted free rent (tempe) at / SoldPhoenix.com" - Google Search

    Also, looking at old ads on SoldPhoenix.com all I can get now are the headings on google. I found one I thought maybe EJ would have answered. It was posted on 12/11/09 Re: Garmin/GPS. I hope the google search link works below.

    "A Garmin GPS at / SoldPhoenix.com" "12-11-2009" - Google Search

    Ok, going back over old stuff now to see if anything makes more sense today than it did now that we have timelines and more information.

    Based on the timing of the ad for the nanny with with timing of TayJay having Gabe with them, I wonder if they were going to have EJ use the (original) CA defense that the NANNY DID IT after "searching" for Caylee for 30 days. Maybe EJ never really INTENDED to hire a nanny, but placed the ad to make it look like she hired her own fictional "Zany the Nanny", who just happened to give EJ a phony social security number and contact info.

    I find that interesting because:

    Elizabeth tells her grandfather that, since Logan would not relinquish his parental rights, she plans to avoid him for 30 days, and then claim that Logan had abandoned Gabriel.

    WS: Timeline - Wednesday, December 9, 2009 - Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Where was EJ planning to go for 30 days in order to avoid LM? Out looking for "the nanny who took Gabe"? To SA? I would think in order to avoid LM, EJ wouldn't have been able to stay in her home or LM AND LE could find her. And was Gabe supposed to be with TayJay in the meantime?

    If EJ (and perhaps TPS) were looking up how to change SS# and identities, could the plan have originally been to have EJ get a new identity for her and Gabe, and then sign away Gabe to TayJay using the fake identities? Did LM know about TayJay yet on Dec 9? If not, THIS would have worked because no one would know to look for Gabe with them if EJ WOULD HAVE KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT.

    But, because EJ DIDN'T keep her mouth shut, and was so angry with LM that she called LE again to report that LM had kidnapped Gabe, that would have ruined that plan. Thus began the beginning of where we are today....

    Again, just thinking a theory out loud.

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    Ok, thinking this theory through a little more (with the help of my sis), since the ad for the roommate wasn't posted until Dec 10 (the day that Gabe was found with TayJay), maybe the nanny plan was going to change to "the roommate took Gabe". (How big was the mobile home where EJ was living anyway to be able to accommodate EJ, Gabe, the nanny AND a roommate?)

    And since LE knew about TayJay that day, the "couple in the park" COULD have been contacted that day so that when Gabe "disappeared", he wouldn't be found with TayJay. I suspect the plan was expanded to send EJ to San Antonio so that she would keep her mouth shut this time, by putting physical distance between EJ and LM - giving EJ a chance to "cool down".

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