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    Judge Slams Other Judge Over Chelsea King, Amber DuBois Deaths

    Judge DeAnn Salcido Says She 'Can No Longer Remain Silent'


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    I wonder what office she is planning to run for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natal View Post
    I wonder what office she is planning to run for.
    She states this has nothing to do with the election--hmmm. Rules of Professional Conduct in CA make it impermissible to criticize another judge so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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    I think the messenger has ulterior motives. But there is still validity to the message.

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    I think this goes a little deeper. For one thing, she's up for re-election. For another, she's been a recipient of 'domestic violence.'



    Judge seeks court order against own boss

    Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 12:04 a.m.

    Superior Court Judge DeAnn Salcido, in a highly unusual move, said Friday she is seeking a court order against her boss and colleagues on the bench, contending they are not following state law in imposing probation conditions for domestic violence defendants.

    Salcido, who is facing a re-election challenge this year, said at a news conference and in court papers that her insistence on levying certain probation conditions on defendants has led to her being harassed and retaliated against by her boss, Superior Court Judge Peter Deddeh.

    He is the supervising judge for the El Cajon courts, where Salcido has worked since being appointed to the bench in 2002.

    At a news conference on the steps of the Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego Friday, Salcido said she was filing a petition in the 4th District Court of Appeal, asking the court to order judges to impose all conditions of probation called for under state law for domestic violence offenders.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,more at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    From an {old article}. The article is about the husband, he was being sued because of a traffic accident. But in the body of the article, is a little about the judge. FWIW, the judge was already in the process of divorcing when the suit was filed against the husband.


    June 9, 2007

    DeAnn Salcido filed for divorce in January. That came after an incident in which she said her husband grabbed her roughly, leading her to obtain a restraining order.

    .......................................snip....... .................................

    The accident led to other problems. In papers seeking the restraining order, DeAnn Salcido said her husband had abused alcohol and prescription pain pills in the two years since the accident and “his behavior had become increasingly erratic and irrational.”

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