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    India - Murdered man... returns home

    I've been following this case in India, and oh boy! did I ever get a surprise today!

    Twist in ‘honour killing’: Boy, girl return home
    Posted: May 10, 2010 at 0159 hrs IST

    Supposed to be the victims in an honour killing, a couple made a dramatic return on Sunday, much to the amazement of the boy’s family who had performed his ‘funeral’ earlier in the day.

    Ajit Saini, 23, and Anshu Tomar, 21, fell in love while studying at the same college and decided to get married. But their inter-caste alliance — Saini-Jat — did not win approval of their parents. On April 29, the brother of the girl, Anuj Tomar, allegedly killed the boy, hacked him to pieces and buried him in a paddy field to save the “honour” of the family. Police, who found the body on May 8, said the girl might have met the same fate. The brother was arrested, and the entire town mourned the death of two innocent souls.


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    ummmmmm so who did bro hack to pieces? or did he just steal a corpse to fool the family?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbl8201 View Post
    ummmmmm so who did bro hack to pieces? or did he just steal a corpse to fool the family?
    Who knows if the brother actually have anything to do with it at all. Police say he confessed without any pressure from them, but since his supposed victim is very much alive, who knows what the story is.
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    I'm thinking the brother did not confess to anything until after the police had him in their custody for a while. It sounds like the police began looking at her family after the mutilated body had been ID'd by the young mans family.

    I wish this young couple well but they will have a very hard road ahead of them and there may still be some "honor" the families will go looking for.

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    Does the brother know well the young man he was supposed to have killed ? Just wondering if he really killed someone, could it have been a case of mistaken identity and he confessed in good faith?

    When I saw the headline I was about to say, no, I read this story and it happened in China but it's a different case... OT for the thread but an interesting coincidence that two "murdered" people came back at the same time. This took a bit longer though and somebody was murdered because there is another headless corpse to explain.


    Chinese man back from the dead
    Published: 8:43PM Sunday May 09, 2010

    Source: Reuters

    Source: ONE News
    A Chinese man who was supposedly hacked to death in a fight has reappeared in his hometown after 10 years, state media said, raising questions about police torture to extract a confession from the alleged killer.

    Zhao Zuohai, the supposed killer, was acquitted of the crime and released by a Henan court on Saturday, state news agency Xinhua said, citing a court press conference on Sunday.

    He had served 10 years of a 29-year sentance after confessing to killing Zhao Zhenshang in a hatchet fight in central China's Henan province, the China Daily reported this weekend.

    A headless body was found in a village well about a year after the fight, at which point Zhao was arrested and confessed to the killing.

    The victim, Zhao Zhenshang, reappeared in the village on May 2 to seek welfare support. He had fled after the fight because he feared he had killed the now-imprisoned Zhao.

    Convictions in the Chinese court system are strongly dependent on confessions, motivating police to use force to get a confession and close the case.
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