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    2009.03.13 ~ The Today Show *REVISIT*

    Soon after Ron and Misty got married, they appeared on the Today Show. We've talked about so much of this interview in pieces over the last year and yet I didn't find a thread entirely devoted to analyzing what was discussed at that time.

    Here are some highlights that I jotted down as I watched it once again tonight:

    - The church where they held Haleigh's vigils wouldn't marry them because they "didn't agree with the union".

    - Ron said that Geraldo and Crystal made up what Junior said about the man in black

    - Misty said she wouldn't talk to LE because she didn't like the new guy that was added to the case. He accused her of lying.

    - Misty's story during this interview was that she put Haleigh to bed at 8PM and covered her with a blanket that she washed. She said she then went to bed at 10PM (She discussed where the kids were placed in bed, but I still can't determine which bed was whose?!?)

    - Misty said she knows she made inconsistent statements but she's not sure why

    - Ron says he wants the media not to pay attention to his personal life and just pay attention to Haleigh and keep her picture out there

    - Ron says that the lead detective, John Merchant, doesn't think Misty is a suspect.

    Now I have quite a few comments of my own, but am interested in what you all think first. Please keep this thread more analytical than usual. Thanks!

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