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    2010.05.12 Video Revisited. Lindsy and Lisa Croslin.

    Here is an old video. Lindsy and Lisa Croslin being interviewed by Art Harris from Art Harris.Com.


    Let's revisit this early vid.
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    Thanks Grandmaj, I found the talk about the video in the DVD player interesting back then and I still do. Makes me once again wonder why Misty didn't know who changed the video, or why Haleigh's pink shirt was in the trailer and not on Haleigh. JMO Anyway, that clip sure is a far cry from her feelings in this video from Lisa in May 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm6lLWWFKNM&NR=1

    In the first video she seems to stand behind Misty without question, then just months later she is convinced Misty knows more and is holding something back. I wonder if she ever found out what Misty was holding back?
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    When I first heard this video I was struck by how broken Lisa's voice is at times.

    I can't hear the interviewer's questions.

    It's an attempt to explain away Misty's inconsistencies. It's not really that she said several different things, it was just that she said the same thing in several ways and got misunderstood.

    -Lisa says Misty meant all along that they slept together in the same room but on different mattresses. But the toddler mattress wasn't in the foot of the bed in front of the TV in the walkthrough, it was to the side, wasn't it?

    -I don't know what to make of the movie story. I'm more confused now than I used to be before. First Lisa tells it like they had an argument because they all wanted to watch different movies on the one TV in the bedroom because she repeats that they were in the same room and Jr. and Misty were in the same bed. Presumably Haleigh lost the argument because she didn't get to watch the movie she wanted but later she says Jr. was watching his movie in the livingroom. So this creates two problems. How can Jr. be in two places at the same time? And if Jr. was watching another movie in another room, why didn't Haleigh get to watch the movie that she wanted in the evening, in the bedroom? Why did she have to change it in the middle of the night? How come Misty didn't wake up when her charge watched movies in the middle of the night? Was she even there?

    The whole movie thing just sounds like a lie to me. What to do when you get caught in a lie? Yeah, right, blame the victim. (Oh carp, you checked which movie was in the DVD player? I didn't think you would do that. Darn. Oh well, Haleigh must have changed it. You can't ask her now, can you? Bad Haleigh, up watching movies after her bedtime. Nothing I could do about it, I was sleeping, wasn't I?)

    Lindsy says it was Snowbuddies that was in the player in the morning and it was what Haleigh would have wanted to watch. It always comes back to what Haleigh would have wanted, doesn't it?

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    It sounds to me like Lisa calls Haleigh Hayleen once or twice (one is at about 0:30). I'm thinking she must not have been very, very close to Haleigh and may not have had much contact with Misty while she lived with Ronald, otherwise she would have known her name. So how does she know she wouldn't go out alone in the dark?

    The really odd thing about this video is the way Lisa says Haleigh would absolutely go out with somebody who said let's go to Tyler to jump on the trampoline. Whyever would she even bring that up? I'm thinking no stranger intruder or angry drug dealer would ever enter a house in the dark of the night and try to tempt a child with jumping on a relative's trampoline while a babysitter is sleeping next to her. They'd be more like, "you be quiet now, or else". I think this kind of coaxing is what day time abductors do but midnight kidnappers are more likely to just grab the child and go. I wouldn't try reasoning with a five year old who is very groggy from having been woken up in the middle of her sleep. To Lisa even to have that train of thought, it says to me that she suspects it might be a Croslin relative. It would be someone in close contact with Tommy and Lindsy to know that they have a trampoline that Haleigh liked to jump on.

    Lisa's sequence seems to be pretty much the same as the hypnosis tape. Wake up for bathroom, see light, notice back door, back to bedroom, see no Haleigh, search her room, call people.

    Lisa says "start calling", which suggests a string of calls to me, instead of one call attempt to Ronald as he was pulling in the driveway.

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    This interview makes me appreciate the depth of horror Misty, Ron, and Teresa's mouthpieces are bound to feel when the truth about Haleigh's last hours is finally revealed.

    This is a tragedy with many victims, imo.

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