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    Sexual Harassment On The Job

    My daughter has been a victim of sexual harassment at her workplace. Below is the URL for a trailer which be will aired Monday night, May 17, on ch 3, serving the greater Philadelphia area. I believe this has ramifications and relevance for all women and hope as many people as possible will watch Monday night - I will give a URL after the Monday broadcast for those who are out of the area.


    Thank you to all who can watch, and, please, pray for her. At the same time this harassment litigation is going on, her 7 year old daughter (my granddaughter) has been diagnosed with diabetes. She has her plate full.

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    I'm so sorry to hear this happened to your daughter Trident.

    Prayers for you granddaughter too.

    I wasn't aware that this was still such a problem. Thank you for opening my eyes. SexHarrasment against any gender is unacceptable. IMHO.

    You know I am of an age where when I began working and up until I was in my mid to later 20's ---I, myself---and many women I knew faced this every single day in the workplace. It was an accepted practice and there were no ramifications for the person commiting the harrasing. I had so hoped times had changed for my own daughters. and even my sons.

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    Don't forget tonight, CBS 3, at 11 PM. It might prove sexual harassment is alive and well in the workplace, just forced underground.

    This is MY daughter doing the talking here.

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    Oh Trident, I am so very sorry that your daughter had to endure this. She is very strong and brave to stand up for herself like this and is giving her daughter the best gift that a mom can give her child. Her daughter will grow up knowing that her mom is a pillar of strength.

    I think that this type of programing is vital for our young adults who are growing up and becoming employee's themselves. Sexual Harassment is rampant in positions that are held by teens, they seem to think that it is okay for them to be spoken to or treated that way. This as well as workplace safety, our teens don't realize that they have rights and can tell a supervisor no if the task isn't safe (our workplace safety and violation standards act in Canada is different then in the States I assume).

    Trident, Please send my sincerest sympathy to your daughter and her family, my thoughts are with her and her family. Stay strong...
    Just my, no one elses

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    I look forward to you posting the link for later viewing. It's too bad that it's illegal to tape record these types of conversations in your state (i.e. covertly without the other person knowing). Our laws seem to protect the guilty rather than the innocent at times.
    Good luck to your daughter. I'm anxious to hear the outcome of this nightmare.

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    Okay, you have to look to the right and click on SCARED SILENT, otherwise you'll get all the news.

    Here's the video from last night's interview. My daughter is the blonde. This video is just the bare bones of what really went on.

    I'm amazed that employers still allow this sort of thing to continue.

    Thank you all for taking the time to watch and to care.

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