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    NY - James Moss for child abuse, Graniteville, SI, 2010

    A nine-year-old boy was forced naked into an oven by his father at the family's townhouse in New York after rummaging in his dad's wallet, SILive.com reported on Friday.

    The incident happened in the Graniteville neighborhood of Staten Island at about 9 p.m. ET Wednesday, according to a spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

    The boy was put in an unlit oven by 6-foot-3 James Moss, 52, before being forced to hold his hands over an open flame on the burner for two minutes, stated court papers.

    The child, who was treated for second and third degree burns at Staten Island University Hospital in South Beach, was hit with a spatula, smacked on the face and dragged across the floor by Moss, according to police.

    Snipped from http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/05/14...est=latestnews

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    This child has been living with this nutcase for 9 years. What else has he done to this child? Or anybody else for that matter.

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    This is just too many torture cases against these beautiful children, wth is happening to these parents!?! I swear this is going to turn me into a conspiracy theorist and I am going to start demanding answers to the chem-trails!!! This evil behavior is becoming so common I am afraid the gen pop will no longer raise an eyebrow to it!
    I pray that this little boy is safe and there is someone to raise him with love and respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karma-girl View Post
    I am going to start demanding answers to the chem-trails!!!
    That's what Art Bell would blame it on, Karma-Girl. Then again he was in trouble himself.

    As horrendous as all these cases are I honestly don't think it's anything new. I can't say how many times I heard people say as kids if they stole they got their hands put over a burner. Beat with electrical cords. Forced to kneel on rice for hours at a time.

    Could it be years ago nobody interfered? Nobody told? I'm not sure. It's a vicious cycle though. No doubt at some point Mr. Gross got smacked in the head with a spatula as a kid.

    Bless this child. Poor kid.

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    August 2011:

    A Staten Island father was sentenced to jail time Friday after earlier pleading guilty to torturing his now 11-year-old son inside their Graniteville home last May.

    It was an emotional scene inside the courtroom Friday morning as both the wife and son of 53-year-old James Moss spoke in his defense, telling a judge they didn’t want him going to prison.

    The victim said his father made a mistake and called him “caring” and a “great father"...

    Moss was sentenced to four months of weekends in jail and given 5 years of probation. He could have been sentenced to up to seven years in prison. He will not be allowed to live with his son for one year...

    "As you can see, my son is a better man than me,” Moss said.

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    The six-feet two heavily built dad threatened to kill Christopher and dragged him to the basement where he ripped off his clothes.

    Court papers said that Moss dragged the youngster into the kitchen and battered him across his back with a spatula.

    He then fired up two heaters on the stove and jammed onto them his child's hands until the skin peeled from the agonising burn wounds.

    Prosecutors said that Moss punched his son in the face and then forced him into the oven, screaming, 'I'm going to burn you alive'.

    The terrified boy screamed to be let out but the father threatened to turn on the gas.

    Eventually, he freed the shaken youngster but threw him naked onto the doorstep and locked him out of the house.

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    James Moss, 53, will be sentenced Friday for torturing his 9-year-old son.HANDOUT
    James Moss, 53, will be sentenced Friday for torturing his 9-year-old son.
    A 12-year-old boy will beg a judge Friday not to throw his father in prison - even though the monster dad beat him, burned him and stuffed him into an oven, sources said.

    James Moss, 53, pleaded guilty Tuesday to torturing his son Christopher because he thought the boy swiped $20 from his wallet. Moss faces up to seven years in prison for the attack on his forgiving son.

    "In over 15 years as a district attorney and an assistant district attorney, this was one of the most shocking and sadistic cases of child abuse I have ever prosecuted," said Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

    The 6-foot-2, 270-pound dad threatened to kill then ten-year-old boy on May 12, 2010, at their Graniteville, S.I., home, authorities said. Moss took Christopher to the basement and ripped off his clothes. Then he pulled the boy into the kitchen and used a spatula to beat him across his back.

    The demon dad heated up two burners on the stove and held the defenseless boy's hands on them until his skin began to peel. Prosecutors said Moss punched his son in the face and then forced him into the oven.

    "I'm going to burn you alive!" he yelled, according to law enforcement sources.

    Donovan said the boy screamed and begged to be let out of the oven, as his father threatened to turn it on. Moss eventually let him out and threw the boy, still naked, out the front door. The boy's young sister pleaded with the dad to let her brother back inside.

    Skin was falling off the boy's burned hands, but Moss ignored his son's pain and never took him to a hospital, court papers say. Instead, Moss let him inside the house and ordered him to sit naked on the floor "like a dog," court records show.

    When his mother got home, she took him to a hospital, where he was treated for second- and third-degree burns and cuts to his back and knees...

    Neighbors remembered the aftermath of last year's attack and were surprised the boy was willing to forgive.

    "I cannot believe the child would want his father to be shown forgiveness," one neighbor said. "It makes me wonder if they are manipulating the kid in some way. We already know the guy is a monster, so it wouldn't surprise me."

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    That poor child. I cannot believe the dad was sentenced so lightly.

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