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    I am not certain that John Pongel was actually hit by the lightning, or if he was just in the area when the lightning struck. He was brought to the hospital on Sunday, June 25, 1995 and was in stable condition at that time. He was released from the hospital on Monday, June 26, 1995, I am assuming that his injuries didn't amount to much if he was released the next day. He was probably only kept in the hospital overnight "under observation" and was released the next day.

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    I was just thinking about the possibility that Mr. Pongel is JD. That would mean that the young man first got struck by lightning before a concert and then was the victim of a fatal car crash. Part of me wants to believe that had he been struck by lighting, he definitely would not have been hitching a ride. Would he have been physically able? Just a thought. Not trying to impede upon the investigation. It is curious that no one has been able to find any current information on Mr. Pongel.

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    Another James A Pongel listed

    Possible father to John PONGEL? I think he'd be around the age that John's father would have been.


    James A Pongel, 57

    Address History
    7 in Spartanburg, SC
    3 in Columbus, OH
    1 in Moore, SC
    1 in Sumter, SC
    View More
    James E Pangel
    Jim E Pangel
    Jim A Pangel

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    Actual info

    I just stumbled on this thread last night doing a random internet search. Most of the info and possible scenarios I've seen on this site are just plain wrong. But the confusion stems from the fact the newspaper printed Jon's name wrong in the first place. His last name isn't Pongle, so that is why no one can find him. I wouldn't want to give his actual last name since we lost touch years ago, but we do live in the same town and I run into some of our old mutual friends from time to time.

    Yes there were 4 people hit by lightning that day. All of us were from Virginia. Jon did not die in a car accident, isn't 77, isn't from Danville, wasn't hitch hiking, etc. and Kira isn't an old Korean woman (but there are days I feel much older than I am thanks to young kids).

    We were all college students and just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I kept up with Kristin's story for a couple years but it was so tragic there were times I just couldn't deal with it. I pray she was able to fully recover.


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    could it be possible his name was Jason John Pongel? (just a thought i am so not as good at this stuff as all of you are!!!)

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    Kristin Daniel is my cousin, I was 3 years old when this happened so I don't know all the details but I know what I have been told by my parents and the guy with her was her boyfriend. Kristin was struck by lightning and it went through her and then went through her boyfriend. She did survive and for the person that said she came out of the coma perfectly FINE is not true. She is blind and in a wheelchair. Her boyfriend did not die in a car accident. She was attending Radford University during the time of the accident.

    I will answer questions and if I don't know the answer I will try and find out the answer to questions
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    I'm sorry to hear about Kristin... seems like even more bad luck at the concert.

    Given the stories and the people who've posted, can we get a "Ruled out" on this thread or is it too early given that the posters maybe should be validated as having insider knowledge on this (peripheral) case?

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