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    Profile Girl against Green wall

    It just amazes me we still don't have a thread for all of the pictures here, but I can't find one for this girl, although I know we've discussed her before within other the other girls' threads.
    So, if I'm mistaken and there is one, please move this for me.

    I was wondering if this girl could be Wilma June Nissen, her body was found October 4, 1978 in Iowa, but not identified until January 2006. They were unable to get an actual COD but her head was smashed in and there was another indentation above her eye. Her feet were bound with a hemp rope and they are assuming there was a sexual assault because of how they found her underwear. Her estimated TOD was August of 1978. Anyway, we at this point, don't know where Alcala was in July -October of 1978 and this sounds at least partly like his MO. Wilma also lived in various parts of So.Cal at one time. So even if this isn't her, she could be a victim of his.

    Article and Wilma's picture here: http://iowacoldcases.org/wilma_june_nissen.html

    More info here: http://www.lyoncountyiowa.com/wilma/index.htm

    By the way, we should note here that there were three girls photographed in front of green walls. The red headed girl who came forward and identified herself said that at the time, she was living in LA near Alcala. The wall behind this girl, looks like the same wall to me. Perhaps it was Alcala's house, it doesn't say, but it would have been somewhere in So. Cal that the picture was taken if it's the same wall.
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    woman not man

    Could this be... ("Man hanging upside down in dense foliage.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by plait View Post
    Could this be... ("Man hanging upside down in dense foliage.)
    Might be, but that would be bad news as I have figured that the person had suffered head trauma. See my post.

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