Even though they aren't providing much information YET about how JG abducted these two girls, I think it's important to pay attention to what they ARE telling us now. Maybe it could protect potential victims in the future.

During Monday's press conference LE revealed info I have never heard of.

"Also Monday, authorities disclosed that Gardner told them he regularly spent time high above Lake Hodges in an area authorities dubbed "the crow's nest."

The high ridgepoint had a view of the entire valley below, authorities said.

Witnesses told authorities they had seen Gardner at that spot, not far from where Moncayo was attacked.

Once, they said, he was playing with a live rattlesnake.

During a subsequent search, authorities said they found a dead rattlesnake at Gardner's mother's home."
This seems very unusual to me and seems like something else we need to look out for

There's more at this link...