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    Smile Sand and soil from shoes, trunk, site, the glitter, etc Q26-Q28

    I was searching for the thread to bump up, sorry if I'm not finding it

    I was interested in the glitter that was found.

    Regarding matching the soil from Casey's shoes to the remains site, so far we haven't seen any match, right? Was it 3 pairs inconclusive (insufficient material), and 3 pairs not a match, to the soil at the remains site?

    The sand in the trunk and at the remains site, both had mixture of beach sand and non-beach/rain weathered sand, right? Was the final conclusion regarding a match between the soil and sand deposits in the trunk and those from the remains site, that it was inconclusive, both had a mixture/accumulation of sand and soil, nothing interesting jumped out?

    Some of the pages referring to the sand/soil/glitter/shoes etc are pp9115 onward, summary on pp 9117 (debris in trunk), and then pp9209 onward (shoes) in the documents. I'm searching everywhere and not finding the link to these particular pages at the moment, if someone can post it, TIA!

    Here's one of the old threads on Casey's shoes with pictures of the shoes etc, I think I remember others, too. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ighlight=shoes
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    pp 9209 - 9212 shoe pairs Q269/270, Q275/276, Q277-278 had sufficient soil for comparison but the soil from the remains site was darker than that on the shoes.

    soil from the remains site (evidence markers H, I ) had plant material and was much darker than that on the shoes

    soil from markers A, B -- abundant decomposing plant material, darker in color than the soil on the shoes

    soil from marker C -- rich brown soil, hair/fiber/glass fiber, darker in color than that on the shoes

    soil from marker D -- abundant decomposing plant material , darker than soil on shoes

    soil from markers E, F -- soil much darker than that on the shoes

    soil from marker G -- insufficient geologic material to compare

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    But pp 9115-9117

    Insufficient geologic material present in specimens Q27 (Debris from inside trunk) and Q28 (Debris from trunk interior and fender wall interior) to undertake a provenance study.

    But Q26 (Debris from Trunk) I'm not so clear on. It does say it has some dark soil with plant material and small roots apparent in the largest ped (clump). It doesn't say specifically that there is no match to the remains site, does it? Is this sample from the outside area of the trunk or was it also inside?

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