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    2010.05.22 Misty Croslin Audio's of Jail Visits with Hank Sr. Released

    Conversation between Misty and her father Hank Sr. Croslin.
    It sounds like the date of this visit was before the search of the St Johns river.

    In these audios Hank Sr. tells misty that he heard some stuff that is not good for her. Hank tells Misty that Lindsey is mad a her and didn't want to talk to her. He also said that Tommy is mad at her as well.

    Misty talks about how Ronald and Family used her as a babysitter and once Haleigh went missing they didn't need her anymore. She also mentions that Ronald shoots up. She says in these audios that she tried calling Ronald the night Haleigh went missing over and over he didn't answer. Hank Sr. mentions that rumor has it he snuck out of work.
    Misty also says that she is not sure if Joe had anything to do with Haleigh.

    Much More.

    Listen here:

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    Madj we are discussing these tapes in the other thread and I have added the link there. It was Kimster's decision that we would divide it out at a later date. Thanks as always for bringing this information to us. But for now I'm going to close this thread and keep it all together.

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