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Smart blond hi, forgive me I am not aware of who Stephanie is and I did not read every single post, she had pictures on face book, and I have no clue who she is.

Yes they could have both been afraid of each other or not.

But Can you explain to me why bother taking the kid, she could have left him with his father. Did she take him to abuse him????? because the abuse started instantly...
it was SOB boyfriend who did all the physical abuse.And it is SOB boyfriend whose eyes are scary.....I am not giving her a pass.....DON'T misunderstand me....She needs to be put away. But I do believe she is mentally ill. or else she would have made some attempt to save her son.

Yes the kid was dead when she went shopping but if she is operating from feeling terrorized she just continues to be terrified....It is just how fear is...I think she feared him, I do not think she took the boy from daddy just to abuse him, but I think she did not even make one attempt to save him not even an instinct....But she thought of taking pictures of the abuse, that HE DID!!!
They need to be put away. But I think she has a mental disability. IT IS JUST NOT NORMAL!
What Iget from the documents is that she was just as abusive as he was. I don't think she just stood by and allowed him to abuse her son, which is bad enough, but I think she participated herself.