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    TX - Mark Gabler, 33, slain in vigilante killing, Bexar County, 26 April 2010


    There's not much to go on this one besides his clothing. Male skeletal remains, age and ethnicity unknown, were found May 20th in Bexar County, Texas by some hog hunters. The UID was wearing a dark-colored t-shirt with sumo wrestlers and a dragon on it. There is an additional photo of a red patch or scrap of clothing with a demon/clown figure and some Japanese figures. A third photo shows a cross on black fabric but it's unclear if it's part of the same t-shirt with the sumo wrestlers iron-on. He had black lace-up books, but there's no photo of them.

    Also found was a black belt with skulls. This strikes me as odd, because it's very "girly-goth/Hot Topic." I know it's trendy for guys to wear pink t-shirts but the belt doesn't strike me as something a guy would wear. It must be pretty commonplace because I easily found a few more like it:


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    I'm not sure that the belt is that odd within a certain subsection of the community.

    Most guys wouldn't wear a belt like that but a few would - enough not to make it an odd choice for people who identify with Goth, some rock, and other subcultures.

    The sizes on the eBay link you included are men's, not women's sizes as far as I understand them.

    I think we can be fairly sure that the UID is under 30 and deceased within the last five years, which means we would be looking at males born after 1975 and missing since 2005. With full skeletalization we are probably talking about a date last known alive before 2009.

    Bexar County means we're probably looking at the San Antonio metro area but it's close enough to Austin and Houston is an outside possibility too (200 miles). Oh and according to Wikipedia, Bexar is pronounced like "bear."

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    victim identified as 33 y.o. Mark Gabler.


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    From May 2014:


    A registered sex offender was sentenced to 25 years in prison Thursday for taking part in the vigilante slaying of a man who allegedly molested the child of a friend.

    Kenneth Nelsen, 43, pleaded no contest to murder and was sentenced by state District Judge Lori Valenzuela to the maximum allowed under a plea agreement...

    Gabler was stabbed in the neck by one man in the remote Southeast Bexar County field before another man “grabbed him, picked him up by the hair and cut him from ear to ear,” he told police.
    From September 2014:


    Shawn Thomas Phillips has become the last of three defendants to be sentenced for the vigilante beating death of a man accused of sexually assaulting his relative.

    Phillips, 36, pleaded no contest in February to the 2010 murder of Mark Andrew Gabler... Judge Lori Valenzuela sentenced Phillips to 22 years in prison Monday.

    Richelle Lee Vasquez... was sentenced to 15 years in prison earlier this summer on a reduced charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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