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    Post Natalee Holloway Resource Center (NHRC)

    The National Museum of Crime & Punishment and Beth Holloway have partnered together to form the Natalee Holloway Resource Center (NHRC). NHRC focuses on education and crime prevention. NHRC is not a recovery center. In the event that a loved one does go missing, NHRC will assist families in obtaining necessary resources to make their search easier.

    NHRC Mission
    The NHRC focuses educational programs, including a traveling safe program, crime prevention and encourages careers in the fields of forensic science and law enforcement.

    The NHRC also provides families of missing persons with an action plan, missing poster templates, contacts, resources, and handles press releases and media reach.

    Please contact us for any of the following reasons:

    Did a loved one go missing and you aren't sure who to contact or how to proceed?

    Do you need help coordinating efforts of finding a missing loved one?

    Do you need help coordinating media efforts to find a missing loved one?

    Do you need a traveling safe program for a group of students?

    Do you have high-risk students that need an educational curriculum regarding law enforcement?

    If you are interested making a donation to the NHRC, please email NHRC@crimemuseum.org.

    What We Do

    FEIN: 27-0586899

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    Top Tips for Safer Travels

    Before You Travel

    Learn about the country you are visiting, including its infrastructure and laws.

    Obtain phone numbers for the closest U.S. Embassy, local emergency assistance and public safety offices.

    Prepare for any health risks and possible need for medical treatment. Visit your doctor or healthcare professional. Make copies of your health records and a list of prescription drugs you are taking. Bring a supply of all medicines with you.

    Discuss with wireless provided international usage and carry cell with you at all times.

    Make copies of legal documents and pack separately.

    Know your rights.

    While You're Traveling

    Use extra caution when you are in crowded tourist sites, elevators, subways, train stations and festivals and avoid marginal or less traveled areas of the country.

    There is strength in numbers, so never travel alone -- always use the buddy system.

    Constantly be aware of your surroundings - never let your guard down or have a false sense of security.

    Never allow a friend to leave alone or leave with someone you or they do not know

    Do not purchase drugs - drugs are illegal in every country and laws are strictly enforced.

    Be respectful of the country you are visiting and its citizens.

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