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    Can anyone please translate the video of the interview with Stephany's father contained in this article?


    Thank you!
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    O/T sort of.

    PattyG is looking for the video of the hotel tac employee speaking, the one that found Stephany, about finding her. Since only you guys here speak Spanish, anyone have it?

    Thanks in advance, very much, if you do!

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    This series of videos was posted in the discussion thread. Several posters were upset because the videos are all in Dutch and they (nor do I) don't understand the language. Any translation help would be appreciated.



    Quote Originally Posted by jwarner View Post
    Ok, so in this video with Joran and his chums (Thailand) one girl asks:
    'how long do we have to dance' ... Answer: 'oh 6-8-10 hours a day', and
    the men laugh, Joran laughs, the girls laugh disagreeably but one calls
    out (hi voice) "OH! NO WAY!"..........

    What is that episode all about? I dont see the people politely seated
    reading The Psalms. This is no church group, no tea party on the lawn.

    Why is Joran there in this video at all? Is he there doing research
    for his Masters in *Third World Economics hopinh for an appointment
    to the Aruban Dept of Commerce?

    Innocence is, as Innocense does!

    You may find it helpful to watch then entire documentary. Nancy Grace has replayed the same short segment many times, but there is much more to the story. Here are parts 1-5 of the entire program.






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