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Poll: What happened to Kyron?

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    OR - Kyron Horman, 7 yo Second grader, 4 June 2010 What Happened?

    What do you think happened to Kyron? please vote and if you would like to post your reason, please do so. but back and forth case discussion should remain in the missing forum

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    I voted that he was taken away by someone he was familiar with... however a more accurate response is I beleive he was lured away by another kid and something happened either on purpose or accident.

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    I also feel he was taken or harmed by someone close to him

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    I voted someone he knew and trusted. Someone very close to him.

    Thanks, JBean, for giving us the poll!

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    Thanks for the poll JBean!

    I voted he was taken by someone he knew & trusted.

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    Thanks for the poll. I voted taken by someone he was familiar with. I think it was someone close to him.

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    I voted for "someone he knew and trusted."

    It just seems too unlikely that he would be taken by a total stranger, with everything going on in the area (and no one noticing the commotion that would have caused).

    Thanks for the poll!

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    I voted someone he was familiar with, perhaps he helped someone carry something from the Science Fair to their car and once there they snatched him. I wonder if any of the Science Fair projects needed a generator, battery, or other such equipment that would have been taken out of the school after showing the project.

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    I voted someone he was familiar with.
    I'm thinking a friends mom/dad/helper or neighbor at the science fair.
    Like help us put something in the car and he willingly assisted.
    Kyron looks like such a sweet child that was willing to help others........
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    I think someone he was familiar with. He was lured and that person had to be familiar to him in order for him to be lured away on a morning that was so exciting for him what with the science fair and his upcoming participation in the talent show later that day. My own thought is, Kyron did not know he wouldn't be returning. Whatever means was used to lure him away - he thought he was just doing something in or near the school that was not going to interfere with his busy upcoming day. What concerns me is that with all the activity in and around the school that morning - an influx of adults etc helping students unload the science fair displays and set them up. People in and out of the building, lots of car trunks open, with perfectly acceptable reason. I fear he may have been shoved into the trunk of a car very quickly and none the wiser.
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    Highly likely he was abducted by a person he knows

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    I also think he was taken by someone he trusted. I think the person told him to go wait by the front door while they got the car, and that was when he was spotted by the south entrance. I also think LE has a good idea of who took him.

    However, I also think just about any other scenario is possible, too. We don't know very many facts, so I can only go by what I've seen before in cases and by what is being said and NOT being said by LE and comparing it to the outcome of cases with a similar pattern of LE remarks.

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    Since I have seen so many shows that show children can be led away by complete strangers who did not look foreboding it could have been a stranger that used the opportunity of the busy day at the school to their advantage.

    Or it could be someone at the school who he was familiar with and felt comfortable with. He looks like a very trusting little boy.

    As much as we would like to think that small children understand the dangers of going with someone other than their parents or family that we try to teach them, many children are still trusting, especially of other older teenagers or an adult.

    There is a slim possibility that Kryon went out the door on his own but now that his friend has said that Kyron was excited about going to see the science project that was electric, I doubt that is the case.

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    I think he was taken by someone he had seen before but not really knew. KWIM
    Like, he wouldn't think of this person as a stranger, but not as a "friend" either.
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    Any updates on this little guy? I can't believe he hasn't been found yet, or any clue to what happened to him.

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