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Poll: What happened to Kyron?

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    I went with "familiar with". I think that works if it was an adult.

    If it was an older child, then I think the "knew and trusted" would fit, as he would be more likely to trust a child he doesn't know well as opposed to an adult. KWIM.

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    I think he could have been flattered by a very smooth-talking stranger who said his project was the best he's ever seen and that he had something in his car to help him add one more item to make it super great.

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    My gut instinct says a stranger took him.

    But the info we have points toward the sm.

    My Opinion Only..MOO

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    I believe that he was taken by someone who is known and trusted within the adult community; an adult who volunteers at the school, someone who is involved in donating services to the school, i.e., landscaping services, food from their farm garden, donates use of their land/property for school functions/gatherings, or someone who regularly delivers supplies to the school. Whoever this person is, I believe this person could have moved to the area within the past 2-3 three years and may even use an alias. Regardless, whether this person is a longtime resident who has, by luck (due to lack of reporting by parents, teachers, or church leaders, when children have made allegations over the years...), flown under the radar or someone fairly new to the area, make no mistakes, this person is a pedophile. MOO ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by passionflower View Post
    I voted someone he was familiar with.
    I'm thinking a friends mom/dad/helper or neighbor at the science fair.
    Like help us put something in the car and he willingly assisted.
    Kyron looks like such a sweet child that was willing to help others........
    after reading allot and many days have passed,
    I think it was someone he knew and trusted allot.........
    someone that should of cared about him more.
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    I feel this poor child was taken by someone he knew and trusted.

    May God Bless Him.


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    I voted someone he was familiar with by ruling out the other options. I don't think he would have wandered away on this day due to not wanting to get into trouble before the talent show. He also might have been eager to get into his little group for the tour of other classes plus someone would have seen him. I don't believe a stranger took him because there is such a small window of time, or seconds, that it could have happened. I don't believe it was someone he knew and possibly trusted either. Someone should have seen something in that small window of time. If the timeline is correct then it may have been someone that he was familiar with, who knew exactly how the school operated, the layout, and someone who had control of Kyron so that he would obey.

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    I voted for someone he was familiar with....my heart won't let me go any further than that.

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    I do not know why but I think he is alive. Could this has been a hoax? I hope not...

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    I voted total stranger but I truly believe he could have also been taken by someone he might have been familiar with through school.

    "Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler".

    Albert Einstein

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

    Mahatma Gandhi

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    I can't believe I missed this thread/poll...my vote is that Kyron went with someone he knew & trusted.

    JBean...did you vote and if so, would you care to share which one?

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    I'm voting that he went with someone he knew and trusted, and without a struggle.

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    I am thinking he went with someone he "recognized". Not necessarily knew, but had seen-possibly around town, possibly in school. But a face he was familiar with. And probably comfortable with. Perhaps someone TH had chatted with at a grocery store, or a barber or a church. Perhaps someone who had been 'grooming; him subtly for some time, gaining his and/or KH and TH's trust. I keep going back to Kaine saying they had had issues with obedience, and had worked on obeying people in positions of authority, particularly at school (paraphrased, not a direct quote). If he had been getting extra reinforcement in listening to people at school, someone he 'recognized' as a familiar face could have easily led him somewhere with a plausible reason. Nomoresorrow said it the best.

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    I think he was taken by someone other than his immediate family. Maybe someone he had seen in school, maybe a member of a friend's family....something like that.

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    I went with - He was taken away by someone he was familiar with

    I do not believe it was SM just yet.. I need to see some evidence (other than dumb stuff like the FB page)

    I'm leaning more towards it was someone he recognized or knew of.

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