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    Regarding Alerts

    I know it gets frustrating when threads get locked or pulled. This often happens because threads runamuck for one reason or another. Mods are not always here nor do they read every post. So it helps everyone when you alert on violations. Mods are alerted immediately and they can act if necessary as soon as they come online. Your alert takes them to the post and we can stop things from spiraling out of control.

    Your alert is anonymous to other members

    To alert a post, please click the triangle in the upper right corner of the offending post. A text box will pop up and you can drop a note as to what you think the problem is.
    If we agree we will edit or remove the post. If we do not agree we will not do anything.

    If more of you alert, we can hopefully cut down on the number of locked and pulled threads.

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    ...much, much better to alert a post and let the mods handle it than to respond to it yourself.

    When you respond to a post that should be alerted...it just makes more work for the mods to clean up (and who wants that ) AND you run the risk of getting tangled up in a situation that could earn you a time out, etc., depending on the circumstances.

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    What is a violation, one may reasonably ask oneself?

    Terms of Service—short version

    Terms of Service—long version

    And FWIW:
    Current number of views for short plain language version of TOS: 4,281
    Current number of views for long detailed version of TOS: 2,899
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