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    Denver Post, July 29, 2004


    From the article:

    What doesn’t make sense (or shouldn’t make sense) is Ramsey using his daughter’s murder to pump his own candidacy, telling voters and the media that JonBenet’s death has given him a platform. Or why his supporters are spinning his depressing national notoriety into a political plus.


    Ain't it the truth....just like one newspaper reported a few days ago, John has spent half his campaign money trying to clear his name of the murder. Yet ole Johnny Boy cancels interviews and debates with his opponents.

    Is he afraid to answer the voter's questions? I think so.
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    Great find, Show Me.

    Thanks for showing me.....

    "The tabloid stuff isn’t usually NPR’s turf – but the Ramsey saga had that effect on folks. In the report Charlevoix County GOP chairman John Haggard claimed that Ramsey’s name value would boost his electoral prospects and just might interest vacationers to drop a few tourism bucks in that neck of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Say what?"

    Yeah.......but I thought that John was more interested in population control.


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    Wow! Newsum was at the end of the plank because she sucked as a talk host. Had she not jumped she would have gotten pushed, just like she got pushed off the PBS debate segment for being emotionally unstable. She is a bitter, bitter, failed idealist who is unable to mediate her hatred for the right.

    The possibility that the republicans could run a man involved in a murder is PRIME STUFF for the left and NPR/PBS.

    Ramsey turning a moral collapse into some kind of right of passage makes perfect sense. He did go through an ordeal orchestrated by his wife, his complicity by self imposed ignorance has gone unchallenged by a court, leaving him the possibility of rewriting history in his favor, deluding himself further that he has run some kind of gauntlet, and hence, verifying his wife's version of the events.

    Newsum is sick of it all because her moral relativism is mirrored in the Ramsey case. She is rewriting history in this column in her favor exactly like Ramsey is rewriting history in his favor.

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