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    MT - Fugitive Frank Dryman hid 40 years in plain sight

    HELENA, Mont. The aging Frank Dryman, a notorious killer from Montana's past, had hidden in plain sight for so long that he forgot he was a wanted man.

    In an exclusive jailhouse interview with The Associated Press, Dryman detailed how he invented a whole new life, with a new family, an Arizona wedding chapel business and even volunteer work for local civic clubs.

    "They just forgot about me," said Dryman, in his first interview since being caught and sent back to the prison he last left in the 1960s. "I was a prominent member of the community."

    That is, until the grandson of the man he shot six times in the back came looking......


    The poor baby doesn't think it's "fair" that the grandson came looking for him and got him sent back to prison. Cry me a freaking river.

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    He doesn't think it's fair the grandson tracked him down, and he hadn't even remembered the victim's name? I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life.

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    Reading that made me steaming mad!!!!!

    "I didn't shoot that man in the back. That wild kid did. That's not me.

    "I can't blame him for what he did," Dryman said. "But I think it was so wrong he spent so much money getting me here. I feel it is unfair."

    "Only since I have been back here did I start to think about it," said Dryman. "To be honest, I didn't even remember the victim's name."

    What?!?!?! Better yet, WTF? What does he know about being "honest"? I think it's unfair the man he carjacked & shot in cold blood is STILL DEAD after 40 years; it's wrong he didn't live to be an old man & "prominent member of the community".

    "Cute" that his brother sent cards in both his names, "Forgot" he was a wanted fugitive. Is that not thumbing his nose at his crimes? And the former prosecutor says he has suffered enough, paid for the crimes! Oh Hell no!!!!! He may be a harmless-looking old man now, failing eyesight & walking with a cane, but he belongs in prison. Leave him there! Redemption comes from God, Dryman needs to pay for breaking man's law.

    Thought & prayers for the victim's family & a big attaboy for the grandson who persisted & located the **** who took away so much from his family!

    Pardon my rant... thought it would calm me to blow off steam... so far it's not working.

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    Arrow Similar case

    1) another 40 year fugitive 1924-1964


    2) At large fugitive from 1979

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