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    OR - Kyron Horman, 7 yo Second grader, Portland, 4 June 2010 - Part #16

    Please continue here:

    Originally Posted by JBean
    Reminder we are a victim friendly forum.
    At this point the entire family would be considered victims.
    Please don't play word games with me.
    When we say victim friendly we mean all those that are immediately victimized by what appears to be a terrible crime. This includes the family that is missing a 7 year old child for the love of God.
    You are free to discuss your opinions on statements made, possible doubts you may have or questions raised by the information or lack thereof. But if you start throwing around careless accusations against the family or sleuthing out their personal information or discussing the color of lipstick someone was wearing, you will be given a no expense paid vacation.
    If the situation changes and if the investigation by LE points back to the family then these rules will change. We roll with the news and as more information is revealed and as LE gives us information, we adjust. As I have said, imagine this is your child and people are looking at YOU. Moreover, stereotyping some of these players is positively embarrassing to the forum. KNOCK IT OFF!

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106375"]OR Kyron Horman - Portland, Oregon MEDIA AND IMAGES LINKS - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Links to previous threads:


    Reminder: if you have a tip, not matter how small you think it is, please call the tip line at 503-261-2847. If the tip line is answered by automated response, your tip will be heard!!! 503-261-2847
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    I'm curious to see if Kyron will be getting his own forum?

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    Quote from seeking truth:

    BeanE, I haven't heard or read of anyone going to "extremes..in their vehement, nebulously founded accusations against Kyron's stepmother."

    I am curious why opposing views on this particular woman are a problem. Just because we don't all agree on the possibility of her being guilty does not translate into people being vehement or even accusatory.

    Some of us are asking questions; that, in my mind does not translate into anything more than discussion.

    Parents are most often the first to be looked at, and as far as I'm concerned, it is logical, reasonable, and the right of all of us to be asking the questions we each find the most important.

    This is all about Kyron, not about defending ourselves, and why we believe and feel the way we do about people who could be involved in the crime against this little boy. No one likes to feel attacked because their viewpoint is different from another persons.

    My thoughts on this and my opinions.

    Seeking, I can't imagine why anyone would think my post was about them, or about anyone here, or about WS, or why anyone feels a need to defend themselves, or why anyone would feel attacked.

    Have you seen some of the things written across the internet about the SM? Perhaps not.

    There seems to be a real problem with my expressing my opinion, despite the fact that I've done so well within TOS. If anyone doesn't care for my opinions, they are welcome to challenge them within TOS, as we are encouraged to do.

    There is no problem with opposing views - and that includes mine.

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    Can I please bring this post over here?Good find.I am very interested in this.Did they just check this persons house or other houses also.Who's pings would Le be checking?A cell phone they have possesion of?I'm not sure how that works.The area she talks about is the area they are checking now? Cornelius Pass and Hwy 30.Why do they think he will be found in the water.Couldn't someone have buried him or put him in the woods also?

    My first thought when I saw the pictures of his glasses, clothing, and artwork was that LE is trying to make someone feel guilty and hasten a confession. My opinion only.... I also found this comment from the linked KATU article interesting:


    From: Marlette1234 - posted shortly before 1:00 pm EDT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seeking truth
    Quote Originally Posted by Calliope
    Of course they'd be free to tell him to leave. And he'd have to do so.

    As far as him being there in the first place, Gates stated in press conference that this was standard protocol in this type of case.
    Calliope, I've been searching all over for information about this type of situation. Can you share with me, if you've found some documentation, where it is stated that they have the right to have officers leave their house? I mean, the Hormans, in particular, not the basic premise that police cannot camp out in our homes without our permission.

    Thanks for responding, and for any information on the Hormans having the right to ask LE to leave their home at this point.
    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I've been sitting here rather stunned at this post. Not to be a smartaleck, but why would you think the Horman's aren't entitled to the same rights as the rest of us?

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    PSA not related to any posts Just FYI

    All we are asking on this forum is for care and respect to be shown before throwing a family under a bus.A family that has a missing 7 year old.

    We are not asking you to ignore behavior, statements to the press or anything else the family says or does. Feel free to discuss what you see and think. Link facts and stop rumors, that's what we like to do.

    If you feel censored here then please post at a forum where they do not moderate and you can say anything you like. We do moderate and some people like it and some people don't. We know we cannot please everyone and so we do not try. We stay true to what we think is right and for now not accusing the family is in line with LE and that is the tact we will take. You can be suspicious of whomever you choose, just be cautious in your posting. As always it is not ok to sleuth family members on this board until they have been named as a POI or a suspect or LE leads us to believe they are being considered actively.

    As always, if this changes we will roll with it and we will adjust. But to lay out a families personal affairs at this time is just wrong. There will be plenty of time to investigate if things change and often they do.

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    "If using the well known gauge of an "excited utterance", that statement and behavior says a lot! He didn't just say we're going to find you buddy. He said we are going to bring you HOME. Home is with dad and step mom."

    This is my opinion (and thus I won't be defending it no matter how much I am goaded to do so), but 'home' is where you are wanted and loved. NO ONE other than Kyron knows where exactly it was that he truly felt wanted and loved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakegirl0905 View Post
    I'm curious to see if Kyron will be getting his own forum?
    I'm not sure how that would work at this point. What thread titles would there be? "Unfounded Rumors." "Questions Not Commented On." "Confirmed or Unconfirmed: Let's Fight." "Citizens of Portland Not Suspected." "Timeline -- 'Around' What Time Did Things Happen?" "What Second-Graders Are Saying." "Mind Reading of Major Players."

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    <---------------------If you want to talk about each other do it someplace else

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    We don't know for certain when Kyron went to live with Terri and Kaine. I've heard nothing but Carol Moulton's statement about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBean View Post
    <---------------------If you want to talk about each other do it someplace else
    read please

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    I'm only posting to tag this thread in my UserCP cause I have to go for awhile... Hoping for some good news when I get back.

    At it's core, the defense counsel's motion accuses the undersigned of being a "self aggrandizing media hound". Indeed. The irony is rich.

    Motion granted.

    Stan Strickland
    Circuit Judge

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    I noticed in the media thread that the photo of the hallway with
    desk and garbage can that was being discussed in thread 15 is
    described as outside Kyronís classroom.

    The man going down the steps is noted by name and is the janitor.

    Interesting the stairwell is right there. Someone can be out of sight
    a lot faster down the stairs than down a long hallway.

    I pictured long wide hallways with good sight distances and Kryron disappearing into thin air.

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    New here and have not been able to stop reading and thinking about little Kyron. I have a 7 year old son so this really hits home.

    I am just wondering if the school science picture was talked about? To me it looks almost photoshopped. The shadowing on his left arm just looks really odd to me. Any thoughts or was this already talked about?

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    For those of you that CONTINUE to question the guidelines. I have answerd it over
    and over
    and over
    and over.
    I have made adjustments and I have opened up the convo.
    Yet the convo still gets taken over by
    "why can't we XXXXXX?"
    We had some really great discussion yesterday. I looked at some things that I had not looked at before and I would imagine others did as well. Let's keep it up.

    PLEASE STOP the bickering and constant criticsm of moderation.

    Thread closed for 5, take a moment to find the guidelines and rules and stick to them.

    Kyron..where are you?
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