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    Question 2010.06.15 JVM - Alleged Rug Fibers from Trunk of George's Car

    I wasn't sure where to post this. Mod's please move to the proper thread if this is something that has already been discussed.

    Was this information ever released?

    Last night on JVM it was said that fibers from a rug were found in George's car trunk. Maybe WHEELER meant to say Casey's trunk? Or since the car was not in Casey's name he said Georges name? It was also said the rug was found in the park. I wonder if a rug was found elsewhere? Remember Casey said that LE had not even found Caylee's clothe yet, then LP did that big search at Blanchard and there were other searches as well. Or maybe it was a rug that was wrapped with Caylee's remains. So..confused. Maybe I over looked this and this is not new information. I then started thinking about how Cindy did not want to turn over certain receipts to LE. What if she or someone in the Anthony family went out and bought a new rug, bedding to match the one in Caylee's room and other? What if that was the reason to hold back the receipts and if so, did LE ever find out what was bought?
    I would assume that if items were bought and someone was withholding information from LE they would of been charged. But heck, with Cindy admitting she passed a card to Casey yesterday on the GMA show, the note that was passed at that 2010.05.10 -hearing by the paralegal, the one passed shown in the GMA thread from the Indigency Hearing March 18, 2010 -where Atty Lyon hands a folded-over note or envelope to Casey, which the male guard previously gave to Lyon, who knows what all is going on.

    Here is the thing, the Anthony's and the defense IMO are very sneaky and have broken many rules and nobody is held accountable. I still can not believe that Cindy was not charged for giving the wrong tooth brush, washing the pants and so on...

    I really would like to know if a rug was purchased and if Caylee was in fact wrapped around a rug before being dumped. Maybe that rug was found with Caylee remains and if so, I would assume it holds more clues. Let's just say that if Caylee had drowned in the pool there would of been chemicals from the pool, urine, and other on that rug?

    If there is a thread regarding the alleged rug that was found with the remains please show me the way there, I completely missed this information.

    "Snip" http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIP...5/ijvm.01.html

    Part of JVM transcript from June 15th show.

    It has been two years of pure hell for George and Cindy Anthony. Two years since the day they last saw their baby granddaughter Caylee alive. Adding to their despair, the fact that their own daughter could face the death penalty for allegedly murdering Caylee if she`s convicted.

    Now Cindy has raised eyebrows with a shocking claim about her bone-chilling 911 call. I`m sure you remember this. Cindy called cops a month after Caylee`s disappearance and she said, quote, "It smells like there`s been a body in the damn car", end quote.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes and remember these people have be co-signing Casey Anthony`s lies for years and they have been co-dependent on their daughter and they basically put up with anything. And, you know, it`s quite possible, probably -- I would say in my personal opinion that she`s lying again. And that she`s just throwing her family under the bus.

    WHEELER: Right. Well, yes, they can do that. She`s obviously entitled to legal representation. But Jane, let me just go back just a quick second here. Regardless of what the parents said on "Good Morning America" --

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: Here is my big issue. Were Cindy and George in complete denial?

    Got to go back to you, Rod Wheeler former D.C. homicide detective.
    It doesn`t seem to be the way law enforcement works that if you lie to them about having a job they`re going to charge you with murder.

    Yes, you know, it`s unfortunate that Cindy feels that way. But I can understand that, her being the mother. But look at the facts. And that`s what I was going to say before the break. When you look at the affidavit in support of the arrest warrant which I have a copy of and you look at all the facts the cops have laid out -- and I`m talking direct evidence, not circumstantial. There is some circumstances as well. But there`s pages, Jane, and pages of direct evidence including the fact that the rug that the baby was wrapped in when she was found in the park, they actually have fibers from that same rug that was found in the truck of the vehicle that belonged to George.
    Now, how they explained that, I don`t know. But let me tell you what, that`s direct evidence.
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