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    Transcription Policy

    A couple of issues came up last night and your mods rec'd clarification. Because I wasn't following up correctly in the past, I wanted to make everyone aware so we aren't saying "how come I could do that before and now I can't do it anymore?"

    When we copy transcriptions from other sites, we have to provide a link and snip to 10% just like any main stream media report. Transcriptions are subject to copyright issues just like media reports. So, snip and link from now on. If you are transcribing yourself, please state that in your post.

    In the case of the scanner, we no longer allow the posts to be copied and carried over to the public forum. Link only please. There is a more detailed explanation to scanner transcriptions in the General Forum Information sticky in the Scanner Forum.

    I'll leave this open for a bit for questions and answers. Then I'll move this post to the Haleigh forum info thread.

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    Oh that's too bad in case the transcription is on a site which disappears after a while.

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    I hear what you are saying, Donjeta. Those dang copyright infringement rules can be a pain in that manner.

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    Is it okay to post the whole thing when it's something that's been released to the public by LE? If any newspaper can post a 911 transcript, why couldn't we?

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