OSLO, Norway (AP) - A four-year-old boy caused chaos at a Norwegian airport when he crawled on a luggage conveyor belt and rode it as if it were a merry-go-round.

Ingvild Aakervik was checking in at the Vigra airport near the western town of Aalesund Monday, when her son Ole Tobias wandered off by himself. Unnoticed by airport staff or passengers, he managed to crawl onto a luggage carousel next to an unstaffed check-in counter.

Surrounded by bags and suitcases, the boy rode the entire length of the belt, passing through an X-ray scanner in the process.

The ride came to a sudden end when staffers saw the youngster on the carousel and stopped it by pressing an alarm button.

"It was just a moment of inattention and Ole Tobias disappeared," Aakervik told state NRK radio. "I panicked and made the entire airport search for him."

The four-year-old wasn't hurt and his mother said he seemed to enjoy the ride.