I know I have posted this before but I would like to make a thread on it. I live in a town of about 600 people total. The School here is Pre-School - 12th Grade it is all ONE school and no it is not a catholic school or a private school it is a public school. This right here is the statistics of the school year of 2009-2010:

Total enrollment K-12 is 181 students. There were 23 students in the Class of 2009 and the senior class of 2010 had a total of 17 people in it.

For as long as I can remember and I graduated in 2003 this school has had a security system on it. You have to sign in to even get into the school, they have security cameras set up, and if student is missing the school nurse will call home and find out why the student didn't come to school that day.

I am frustrated beyond belief with Kyron's school. I really feel that if they had a security setting set up like any normal school would have they could have found Kyron by now or at least had a lot of info as to who he left the place with. Something needs to be done about this school. They need to be held accountable in someway for this. This is an outrage!