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    Rumors - Kyron Horman Case - * * * READ THIS NOW * * *


    Today has been FULL of them. Websleuths is not a rumor mill.

    We had one horrible rumor today and now there is another rumor out there originating from "Willamette Week". The site is down right now. Please do not post what they are reporting at this time as we are unable to confirm their legitimacy. I have already seen tweets stating that they are unreliable.

    The mods will use this thread to post other concerns regarding rumors.
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    Currently I am working on a rumor regarding a possible family member being arrested in Washington. The only way we allow sleuthing of this type is if we can determine that 1) it is truly a family member and 2) that they were in the area when Kyron went missing.

    Thank you all for your patience.
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    The WW site is up again. Thank you for the alerts! It is under review.

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    Here's the deal on one of the rumors. We are going to treat it like any other RSO.

    1) Determine that the RSO is indeed a registered RSO
    2) Determine that they lived in the area where Kyron lived and went missing.

    If we are going to state that an RSO is related to the family in any way, we must be able to support that with links.
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    are we going to start a thread on it?

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    Not unless we can meet the RSO rules that WS already has in place first.

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    BillyLee posted this in another thread and this is a good place for it too.


    "Various reports poured in Thursday from different social media outlets claiming breaking developments. The phenomenon began with the first news of the second-grader's disappearance June 4 from Skyline School, but now appears to be intensifying. Among the false claims: an arrest in the case and that Kyron had been found."<snipped>


    "The other thing that unfortunately doesn't come into play often enough is good judgment on the part of the receivers of the information," Stevens said. "People tend to believe the things they read without any critical thought. Whether or not what they read is true or not, they're going to respond."<snipped>

    We are doing what we do on Websleuths because we want to be the ones with good judgment.

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    Sorry, we need to back up. Is this person in question an RSO - Registered Sex Offender, or have they merely been accused of a crime? Send me a message that they are a registered sex offender. That's the WS guideline I was following and haven't seen that history.

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    <pin dropping>

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    For the first time, my PM box is FULL!

    Rather than answer all of them individually, I am answering here.

    We are reviewing the information you have submitted and will get back to you all soon! Please be patient.

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    Kimster is doing her very best due diligence because she is comitted to doing the best she can;especially after today.
    Give her a few minutes she is just about ready.

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    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107033"]Related or Not? A Kristian S Horman was arrested - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

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    It has been decided that we will keep the Willamette Week thread removed for the time being. Websleuths is a victim friendly forum. We will continue to review information as it comes out. In the meantime, we are going to let the family deal with finding Kyron.

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    Do not post articles whose source is Willamette Week unless/until approval is given.

    No more warnings - timeouts start now!

    If you find a link that is MSM and not using Willamette Week as the source, please PM me the link, and I'll review it. If it's MSM, I'll open the relevant thread for discussion.


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    A thread is now open for discussion of the information in the Willamette Week as referenced by People Magazine. The link is in the thread here:

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107065"]SM Focus of Investigation - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Thank you all so very much for your patience!


    ETA: The Willamette Week article, as well as other articles that reference it, may now be linked to and discussed.

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