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    FL - South Bay, WhtMale 87UMFL, 25-35, In New River Canal, Apr'79

    I ran across this unidentified person in the sun-sentinel.com unidentified photogallery - photo number 33.



    In the picture he looks as if he could be hispanic but it does not indicate his race.

    I ran across this missing person by accident.


    The reason I am pursuing this possible match is because Kenneth Donald Brodacki was born in Canada. Brodacki was a pilot who had lived in Maple Ridge, BC and was employed or (previously employed) in the state of Florida. On the 22nd of February, 1979, Kenneth Brodacki was visiting relatives in Prince Albert, SK. The last known sighting of Brodacki was in Prince Albert, SK. However, Okeechobee, FL. is listed as his place of disappearance on Interpol.

    The unidentified was wearing Brown Levi's corduroy pants (size 34 x 34) Canadian label

    Okeechobee is not far from South Bay.

    The age is close, the weight is close but depending on the site the height is off. Not sure about the "widows peak" in the drawing.

    Here's a recent article about Bodacki's disappearance-The Star Phoenix
    The date he was last seen is different than the date listed in the Interpol information.

    Please let me know what you think.
    I am sorry if this has been posted before...I tried to search the forum but I do not have access to the search feature.


    Here's a side by side.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    It seems that the UID listing would have mentioned the surgical scars reported to be on Bodacki's face...those would have been unusual and easily identifiable by someone looking for him.

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    I couldn't see the thumbnails earlier. They do look very similar. Maybe the scarring isn't as pronounced as one would think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephani View Post
    I couldn't see the thumbnails earlier. They do look very similar. Maybe the scarring isn't as pronounced as one would think.
    Hi Stephani,
    The first thing I noticed of the physical (have not studied demographics) is that the missing person has a very noticeable gap between his front teeth. This can be seen in both photos yet it is not mentioned. Still it can't be ignored.

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    I submitted this possible match to the ME-Michael Britt. He responded... indicating that he has been in contact with the Detective handling the missing persons' case and the Investigator assigned to the doe's case. They are currently comparing the two. I will keep you posted.

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    I like this.

    Location: disappearance of misper to location of ID is 50 miles - but right opposite sides of Lake Okeechobee, if information is correct. Note that the body could not have floated inland as it would be against the current even if the canal feeds the lake - however there is reasonable proximity between the two locations.

    Height: Misper is at the top of the UID's range. UID was found wearing trousers with a 34" inseam - that's unusually long for anyone under 6'.

    Weight - close to range; misper seems to be slightly heavier than stated but there is only a 6lb discrepancy in any case.

    Age - close to the mid point of the age range of the UID.

    Hair color - discrepancy but generic "brown" may be used to cover misper's match, as opposed to light blond or black.

    Eye color - green vs. brown. Postmortem changes or hazel eyes described differently by different people may explain this. The misper's reported blue eyes are a weakness in the match - but may be explicable due to chemical changes in pigmentation postmortem.

    Timescale: approximately eight weeks, allowing time for a return to Florida from last confirmed sighting. The discrepancy in the stated weight suggests some decomposition post mortem even though a cohesive corpse was recovered.

    Facial features: the low resolution drawing of the UID may hint at a gap between front teeth. What may be ridges on the forehead on the reconstruction could also be an attempt at rendering scars. Alternatively, facial scarring may have been missed due to decomposition or antemortem injuries inflicted, effectively wiping out scar tissue. Decomposition was however not sufficiently advanced to preclude fingerprints.

    Edited to add - should a pilot's prints be on file? Would they still be accessible 30+ years later if he held a Flordia license? Would a database have found a match for any reason.

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    UID Namus file: https://identifyus.org/cases/1313

    No rule outs listed.

    There is no DNA sample.

    His dentals are on site and include a few fillings in the molars and two crowns in the front.

    n f n n n n n n c n n n n f f i
    n f f n n n n c n n n n n f f i

    No scars mentioned.

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