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    MS - Four people killed in Tardy Furniture shooting, Winona, 16 July 1996


    This CNN article talks about the controversy surrounding his six trials. I don't know enough about the case to form an opinion. If anyone has more on this I'd like to read it. Whether it's a link or someone who's followed these trials from the beginning.

    Winona, Mississippi (CNN) -- The fatigue was palpable by the eighth day of Curtis Flowers' sixth murder trial.

    On the ninth day -- Friday -- Curtis, 40, was found guilty of four counts of murder in the July 16, 1996 shooting deaths of four people inside the Tardy family's furniture store in downtown Winona.

    The seven women and five men on the jury took just half an hour to resolve a case that has haunted the courts of Montgomery County, Mississippi, for 13 years. Flowers was found guilty for counts of murder, said deputy court administrator Patrick Black.

    "I'm not surprised by the verdict, given the makeup of the jury, but I am a little surprised by the speed," said Alan Bean, who got involved in the case through his non-profit group, Friends of Justice, which examines cases of suspected wrongful prosecutions.

    Three times before, Flowers was found guilty, but the convictions were overturned by the appeals courts. He received two death sentences, which also were overturned.

    Two other trials ended with hung juries.

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    The Mississippi Supreme Court has once again turned away a petition for appeal filed by Curtis Flowers.

    Flowers, who turns 46 on Sunday, had asked the Montgomery County Circuit Court for discovery, including prosecutors notes about jury selection at his trial.

    When the judge denied the request because there was no evidence of racial-bias, he appealed.

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