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    Seattle - Officer punches citizen

    I didn't see this posted anywhere but was curious how others felt about this. Warning - The video has a lot of profanity and is not safe for children or work.


    I'm curious if the witnesses to this are seeing the same thing I am? The two women stopped by the officer are extremely belligerent. I'm seeing many instances of assault on the officer before he lost his temper and socked one woman in the face. Lots of pushing and placing their hands where they shouldn't be.

    I'm not quite sure what to think of this. The two women were wrong for not obeying the officers instructions. The officer should have also called for backup immediately when he saw how tense the situation was becoming. But, I have even more respect for most LE who have to deal with these kinds of situations almost daily.

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    This clip was shown many times yesterday in Northern California. Thanks for posting the entire footage on Websleuths. I think the LE showed great restraint in working with the two women. With the crowd around someone could of hit him and taken his gun and car. There was a gentleman who tried to stop on of the girls from approaching the officer Everyone else were hostle to the officer.

    Watching this I don't know why anyone would want to be a partol officer.

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    That is so rediculous! These girls were shoplifting if I'm not mistaken and he was doing his job!!! So he was just supposed to let them do what ever they wanted and not protect his self huh... Of course this will be all about these girls getting pushed around by police instead about two disrespectful girls that broke the law...

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    Girl in video apologizes to officer who punched her

    The teen who was captured on video getting punched by a Seattle police officer after she intervened in his arrest of her friend, met with and apologized to that officer during a private meeting Friday.


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    I'm not sure what to think about this either. The girls were out of line but to punch one in the face?! wow. Of course I was raised that males were not supposed to hit females period. Did he call for backup when things started getting out of control?

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    Officers are trained to keep their cool and not lose their tempers. This guy, obviously, totally lost his temper. If he felt he was in danger, he should have drawn his gun or his Taser or handled the situation per his training. I think he simply got angry and let lose a punch. He deserves a reprimand.

    Yes, the girls were out of line and are punks. But he's gonna deal with people like this on a daily basis and he needs to learn how to control himself and act according to his training.

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