OMG this is as bad as the septic tank death last week


WINNIPEG, Canada - A worker at a scrap metal business died Tuesday when he became caught in an aluminum baling machine that tore off part of his head.

The victim was identified as Robert Kusch by staffing agency Help All, which regularly provides workers to the scrap metal company.

Kusch had been working at Western Scrap Metals in Winnipeg off and on for almost two years, co-workers said.

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Division was investigating.

Friend and co-worker Byron Nawagesic was in an adjacent scrap yard and didn't see the accident, but ran to his former roommate's side when he heard the news.

"I went and saw Rob. I had to see if for myself," Nawagesic said. "Half of his head was gone. He was gone before he hit the ground."

Nawagesic said Kusch was 32 years old, unmarried and had no children.

He said Kusch was comfortable working with the machinery.

"All I can think of is he might have slipped at the last second," said Nawagesic. "But it really doesn't make sense, because (the compressor) isn't that fast. He should have had ample time to get out of the way."

Another co-worker said staff are offered varying degrees of training on all machines.