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    Central Texas Girl Bullied and Attacked

    Mom: Daughter's Attack by Bullies Caught on Tape

    A Central Texas mom says a video being circulated at her daughter's school proves her claim that her daughter is being bullied and attacked.

    "About a week-and-a-half ago, my daughter was assaulted in the city of Lacy Lakeview. It was an incident that started at school," said Jane Carter after her 14-year-old was involved in an incident. "This is a very scary feeling to watch two children even to fight at this level."

    Carter says a group of Connally High School girls has been bullying her daughter for years, but never at this level. "Fourteen-year-old girls are known to run their mouths and that's your freedom, your right as an American citizen to say whatever you need to say. But it is not your right to put your hands on other people."


    News article here: http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/92727644.html
    Laci's Archived Thread (Read Only):

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    I thought the comments and suggestions made by many of the people following the news article were very good.

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    I live in central Texas, and they probably won't publish my comment. Just know that area is one of the most religious areas in Texas. This hypocritical behavior doesn't surprise me in the least.

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    "Lacy Lakeview Police Chief Dennis Stapleton said Thursday investigators decided both the attacker and the girl who was attacked were at fault."


    Wow. Glad I don't live in Texas. It's easy to see why kids that are being bullied bring guns to school with this type of attitude.
    I exercise my first amendment right to share my opinions in every post.

    Brad Conway speaking about the Anthony’s: “They want the truth, but it’s going to be difficult when we get there.”

    George Anthony speaking about his suicide ideations: “Knowing that my granddaughter was gone, knowing where my daughter’s at and what she’s facing for the rest - possibly her life…”

    Cindy Anthony re: baby Caylee: “It wasn’t Casey’s child, it was our child. She belonged to all of us.”

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