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    For those who think SM is involved...motive?

    Hope this is an ok thread to start. I didn't see any other thread specific to this, and I wonder - for those who think SM is involved, what could possible motives be? Any theories about the how's and why's?

    In my mind, all that we currently know points to her, though she's not been named a POI. But why would she premeditate his disappearance? Could something have accidentally happened that morning and this was some sort of hasty coverup?

    I just can't wrap my brain around it. After co-parenting this child for several years, what would be the motive for a pre-meditated disappearance?


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    IDK who has done this, but whoever it is... I think it could be

    -that kyron was a witness to something that is very illegal.

    -that whoever is behind this is working with someone else in hopes of collecting a reward

    -it was an act of rage or an accident and was not planned and is now being covered up.

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    We have had two SM threads. They have been closed. For the time being until more information is forthcoming we are not going to have any more player/theory specific threads. WS is a victim friendly site. With so little documented information to speculate or theorize at this point could hurt innocent people. Sorry. When we have more Law Enforcement Statements we may be able to revisit these theory type threads. Right now we don't have a person of interest.

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