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    IL - Jon Burge, former Chicago PD detective, for perjury, 2008

    Testimony from a group of swarthy, hard-faced former burglars, robbers and gangbangers likely made reaching a guilty verdict Monday against former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge all the more difficult.

    Really, though, the trial hinged on the one victim who didn't testify but whose case is responsible for charges finally being brought against Burge: Madison Hobley, the one true innocent.

    Notarized answers former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge gave to legal questions in a wrongful conviction lawsuit filed against him in 2003 by Hobley proved the clincher that caught Burge in the lie he's told for too long.

    Burge was found guilty on one court of perjury and two counts of obstruction of justice. He faces 45 years in prison and fines. Free on bond, Burge will be sentenced Nov. 5.

    "I'm elated that a jury of predominately white people have spoken and said it's wrong to torture African-American men," regardless of their criminal histories, said G. Flint Taylor, a Chicago attorney who represents several Burge torture victims.


    The Burge verdict is only the beginning. Taylor and others are calling for the prosecution of the other officers who worked and allegedly tortured at Burge's pleasure.

    Full article at link:

    I wouldn't even know where to start with this case. What this former Chicago PD did and got away with.... is just like trying to explain Capone or the history of Catholic priests abusing boys and it being hidden.

    One of too many that are the epitimy of corruption and abuse of power.

    I am

    and :Banane25::Banane25:

    that this man was FINALLY found guilty of an offense which will likely carry 45 years... but sadly, in the federal penn. I think the federal penn is likely much more easy if what I have heard is truthful.

    and it makes me angry about the statute of limitations...... That he had to be tried for perjury and not the torture.

    This is the face of Jon Burge. A man of only 62... he looks 20 years older easily.

    image source:

    He doesn't really look healthy enough to make it to the November sentencing. And that he even got bond- criminal.

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    Thanks for the link. I can't believe he got bail either. He looks more like 82 than 62, you're right. Too bad for him. POS

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