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    Cops: Man holds mom hostage because she won't iron his clothes

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    The woman's 29 year old son,Tyrell, who lives with his parents in Villa Rica, Georgia apparently believed that he could force his momma to iron his clothes for him whether she wanted to iron them or not!
    "He wanted her to do some ironing, and when she said ‘no,' they got into an argument," Griffith said. "He told her ‘ironing is woman's work.' "
    Tyrell then pulled out a gun and took his 51-year-old mother's keys and cellphones, Griffith said. “Mama finally said, ‘I’m not ironing your clothes,' and he went cuckoo on her," Griffith said.
    The mother finally managed to escape after at least 6 hours of being held hostage by her son. She then notified police.

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    Well, I can tell you where he'd be pulling the iron out of if he tried this with my mum, or with me. It wouldn't be pretty.

    On a serious note, I'm glad the mom is ok, physically, and send my best wishes for her emotional recovery from such an ordeal.

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    Good Lord people of the world, please get this:

    Your kids are not objects belonging to you to which you can do whatever you wish.

    Your parents are not your slaves, nor are they your cash cows.

    Your spouses/partners are not your punching bags or servants.

    You (YOU!) are not the centre of the known universe.

    Now, go forth and play nice, brats. Jeesh.

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    Wink Oh linda

    Oddly like very recent I was discussing ironing with LindaNJ.

    Admittedly I ironed my DD's clothing. Specifically her work smock. I actually like to iron. It calms me down. My dad was military and he taught me how to iron. It's something I take pride in as odd as that sounds.

    However, I marched my DD's clothes over to her and she balked I ironed the work smock. Seems being rumpled is the in thing.

    Man, if I had said that to my mother she'd probably have hit me upside the head with that iron.

    Back to this nutter. I'm glad his mom is O.K. but at some point he got the silly notion ironing is women's work? Took her keys and cell? Lemme send my DD over there see how they all get along. Last time I do anyone's wash or iron. Done!

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    Even though we read so many crazy stories here, I still was not expecting something like this!
    I just can not imagine a grown man thinking this is normal.
    Hey pos, you want your shirt ironed and mommy isn't doing it for you? Well then iron it yourself, or take it to a dry cleaners and pay someone to do it!

    No surprise this one isn't married. lord I'd pity the woman who thought he was marriage material.

    I hope he's never allowed back into their home, he's probably been living off of them for years.

    When he's locked up behind bars I hope eventually he gets assigned a work detail so he can spend many a long day doing menial work. Then when he's released he can spend some time doing the same for community service.

    Boyfriends and girlfriends are not Babysitters.
    Just because you want to be with somebody does not mean they will take care of your children.

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    Maybe he can get a job in the prison laundry. lol
    "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it."
    - John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany

    Unless I provide a link or refer to a specific link, all my ramblings are theories, speculation, scenarios based on what info is available and my own unique life experiences.

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    She should move and not leave a forwarding address. Leave the iron behind for the dear boy though.
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