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    TX - Prostitutes, Potential Rape and Murder Victims, Submitting DNA

    I couldn't decide where to put this. Mods, please move if there's a better place for it.



    "That is why she was one of the first women to voluntarily submit a DNA sample Thursday toward what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind database for high-risk potential victims.

    The samples, collected for the first time on Thursday from Dallas prostitutes and former prostitutes, would be used to identify the women if they are later believed to be missing, comatose or murdered. "

    "Analysts have gathered information on about 500 victims and 200 potential suspects, officials say. Authorities have detained at least 10 suspects all truck drivers linked to more than 30 homicides in recent years, according to the FBI. "

    I think this is awesome that they are doing this. These ladies, for whatever reason, can't get out of this lifestyle. At least, there might be closure for the ones who unfortunately will die.

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    love this idea.

    it lowers the risk that these cases go unsolved and the perps continue to terroize and murder other people like them

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