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    Post 10 Brands That May Disappear in 2011

    24/7 Wall St. regularly compiles a report of brands that are likely to disappear in the near-term. Last April, and again in December, we published our findings. Usually, it would take a full year before such a list could be compiled again. However, the current economic climate has accelerated this process and a majority of the brands on the first two lists are either gone, have been acquired, or have filed for bankruptcy.


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    Not "Reader's Digest"

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    wow, a couple of those really surprise me

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    They have already taken away Marathon candy bars and O'Grady's Augratin chips....I betta NOT see B.C.Powders go out.

    I was surprised to see Blockbuster on the list.

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    Unfortunately no big shocks for me...
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    Wow - some are household names here. So sad.

    Readers Digest - mum used to read it, and so do I. Love the jokes.

    Blockbuster - oh to walk along the perimeter of the wall to find all the new movies. Now where am I gonna go. I hate those red boxes.

    T-Mobile. The only service we get up here. I love buying the cards for my son to use for emergencies (especially when it snows).

    BP -- well won't be missing them much

    Radio Shack -- eh? Could take em or leave em.

    Zale Corp - If this is the jeweler, I'm sad. I bought many of my early day jewelry from them.


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    I'm sad to see RD on the list. I love to read them. My favorite part is the "That's Outrageous" section.
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    Hm. Isn't BP a bunch of Union workers? Do I smell a bailout? Interesting. Hold their feet to the fire for 20 billion, they go under, and we, the taxpayers pay up. More than once.

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    Kia had better not disappear before they get my a/c fixed properly!

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