This story brought a big smile to my face: a Rotary Club donating thousands of dollars so this boy could get a new face:

5 July 2010

Mohammad was born in Iran with no eye on one side of his face, no nose, his only eye in his temple, and his mouth at a 45-degree angle. Doctors from the Iranian American Medical Society brought him to this country, where he's had operations in Binghamton and now Schenectady at Ellis Health Center.

"Putting a smile on his face is so rewarding. He was so excited to have a nostril which was like a big big deal," said Dr. Lucie Capek, the boy's plastic and reconstructive surgery.

On Thursday, they'll try to create a second nostril. For his mother, it's been close to a miracle.

"It's like a miracle. A miracle. It's almost miracle for me," said Leila Ahmadi.

They still llive in Iran but travel here for extensive periods, living in Amsterdam [NY] with one of the surgeons.

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